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*Collections with asterisks have digitized items

Garn, Cynthia. Cynthia Garn Film Production Collection, 1957-1968
Garreau, Joel. Joel Garreau Papers, 1954-1994
Garrick Players Photograph Collection, 1965-1968

George Mason University Athletic Department Records, 1979-2010

George Mason University Audiovisual Collection, 1950-2005
George Mason University Board of Visitors Records
George Mason University Broadside Photograph Collection, 1971-2001
George Mason University Center for the Study of Constitutional Rights Records
George Mason University Dissertation and Thesis Collection, 1973-2012
George Mason University Facilities Records, 1952-2003 *
George Mason University "Frankly Speaking" Radio Show Records, 1980-1984 *
George Mason University Libraries Records, 1949-2008  
George Mason University List of University Archives Collections
George Mason University List of University and Student Publications
George Mason University Office of Admissions Records, 1960-2011
George Mason University Office of the Chief of Staff Records, 1986-2000
George Mason University Office of the President Records, 1949-2004 *
George Mason University Office of the Registrar Records, 1959-1998
George Mason University Office of the Senior Vice President Records, 1978-1991
George Mason University Office of University Relations Newsclippings Collection, 1953-2002
George Mason University Office of University Relations Press Releases, 1956-1997
George Mason University Oral History Project Collection, 1978-2010
George Mason University Photograph Collection, 1950s-2007 *
George Mason University Plan for Alternative General Education Records, 1983-1998

George Mason University Writing Across the Curriculum Program Records, 1980-2014
George Mason University Yearbook Collection*
Gifford, Jonathan. Jonathan Gifford Transportation Collection, 1919, 1980s-1990s

Gilbert and Sullivan collection, 1904-2000
Goldman, Arnold. Arnold Goldman Living Newspaper Collection, 1931-1973
Graham, Hedley Gordon Hedley Gordon Graham Papers, 1920s-1983
Greater Reston Newcomers and Neighbors Scrapbook Collection
Grinberg, Paul. Paul Grinberg Reston Collection, 1962-1968
Grossberg, Fred. Fred Grossberg Creative Writers' Workshop Collection, 1979-1980s
Gulf Oil Reston Records, 1963

Mack, Frank. Frank Mack Papers, 1980s-1990s
Mann, C. Harrison. C. Harrison Mann, Jr. Map Collection, 1579-1961 *
Mann, C. Harrison. C. Harrison Mann, Jr. Papers, 1832-1979
Marburg, Jean. Jean Marburg League of Women Voters Collection, 1970-1988
Mason Family Manuscript Account Book, 1792-1820
McCall, Chester H. Chester H. McCall Papers, 1933-1946
McCandless, Peter. Peter McCandless Papers, 1978-1992
McCarthy, Eugene. Euguene McCarthy Presidential Campaign Speech Files Collection, 1967-1968
McClare, Colin F. Colin F. McClare Papers, 1960s-1970s
McDevitt, Marcia E. Marcia E. McDevitt Papers, 1972-2008
McDiarmid, Dorothy S. Dorothy S. McDiarmid Papers, 1950s-1993  
McDonnell, James J. James J. McDonnell Transportation Collection, 1939-1995
McFarlane, Paul. Paul McFarlane Serials Collection, 1897-1898
McFarlane, William Hugh. William Hugh McFarlane George Mason University History Collection, 1949-1977
McGrath, Dorn. Dorn McGrath Fairfax County Slide Collection, 1963-2004
McNamara, Francis J. Francis J. McNamara Collection, 1928-1997
Mead, Margaret. Margaret Mead Christmas Card Collection, 1962-1977

Medical slides collection, 1980s
Mertz, William L. William L. Mertz Transportation Collection, 1955-1990
Midwest Commercial Architecture Photograph Collection, circa 1910s
Mielzarek, Eugenie. Eugenie Mielczarek Papers, 1965-1997
Miller, Emilie F. Emilie F. Miller Papers, 1987-1991
Miller, J. Howard. J. Howard Miller Papers, 1891-1946

Moldea, Dan. Dan Moldea investigative journalism collection, 1937-2008

Montalvo, Juan. Juan Montalvo photograph collection, 1970s

Moorefield Station collection, 2001-2003
Morowitz, Harold J. Harold J. Morowitz Papers, 1944-2010
Music, Theatre, and Spoken Word Sound Recordings Collection, 1949-1986
Motion Picture Press Kit Collection, 1968-2004

Saint Andrew's Society Collection, 1860s-1980s
Sandved, Kjell. Kjell Sandved Nature Photograph Collections, 1960s-2008

San Francisco Poster Brigade poster collection, 1974-1982

Saunders, Harold. Harold Saunders papers, 1976-2008
"Scenes from Behind the Wall: Images of East Germany, 1989/90" Exhibit Collection
Schecker, Larry. Larry Schecker Playbills and Pamphlets Collection, 1970s-1999
Schell, Arden B. Arden B, Schell Watergate Collection, 1972-1974
Schnitzer, Robert C. Robert C. Schnitzer Papers, 1950-1980
Scott, Arthur E. Arthur E. Scott Photograph Collection, 1910-1976 *
Scott, William Lloyd. William Lloyd Scott Papers, 1967-1979

Search for Common Ground records, 1990s
Sedlazek, Martin. Martin Sedlazek NASA Collection, 1953-1999
Shacochis, John P. John P. Shacochis Papers, 1964-1986
Sherwood, Stacy C. Stacy C. Sherwood Fairfax City Government Collection, 1955-1987
Simon, Louis. Louis Simon Papers, 1936-1981
Simon, Robert E. Robert E. Simon, Jr. Papers, 1960-2006 *
Smith, Daniel D. Daniel D. Smith International School of Law Collection, 1973-1978

Smith, Glenn. Glenn Smith music collection, 1967-1996
Sockett, Hugh. Hugh Sockett Institute for Educational Transformation Records, 1986-2003

Soil Conservation Service Prince William County aerial photograph collection, 1961-1968
Southwestern United States Photograph Collection, 1893 *

Stage direction and dialogue for Oliver Twist manuscript, 1865
Steele, Clarence A. Clarence A. Steele Papers, 1933-1969
Steele, Ira E. Ira E. Steele Recorded Sound Collection, 1960s-1970s 
Steinbauer, Francis C. Francis C. Steinbauer Reston Planning and Development Collection, 1962-1990
Sundgaard, Arnold. Arnold Sundgaard Papers, 1925-1988 *