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Descriptive Summary

Repository George Mason University. Special Collections Research Center.
Creator Patricia G. England
Title Patricia England fine print collection
Date 1970s-1980s
Physical Characteristics 5 linear ft.; 13 boxes
Abstract This collection contains numerous journals, catalogs, pamphlets, and newsletters on "fine print" (private press) books. Materials include around twenty issues each of the journals "The Book Collector," "Devil's Artisan," "Konglomerati," and nearly forty issues of "The Private Library" as well as promotional pamphlets and ephemera from numerous fine printing presses including Acorn, Arion, Book Club of California, Pennyroyal, and Somesuch Press.
Collection number C0076
Language English

Biographical Information

Patricia G. England is a collector of "fine print" (private press) books.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains numerous journals, catalogs, pamphlets, and newsletters on "fine print" (private press) books and material pertaining to the history of book collecting, publishing and printing, including information and/or samples from a number of presses and publishing companies. Materials include around twenty issues each of the journals "The Book Collector," "Devil's Artisan," "Konglomerati," and nearly forty issues of "The Private Library" as well as promotional pamphlets and ephemera from numerous fine printing presses including Acorn, Arion, Book Club of California, Pennyroyal, and Somesuch Press.

Series 1 contains periodicals on book collecting as well as printing practices and history.

Series 2 and 3 contain information and sample materials from a number of printing presses, sorted alphabetically.

Series 4 contains pamphlets and exhibition material from a variety of eras and places.

Series 5 contains broadsides, keepsakes and advertisements from a number of companies and artists. The material in this series is oversized and resides separately from the boxed portion of the collection.

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Organized into five series.

Series 1: Periodicals, 1980-1992 (Boxes 1-8)
Series 2: Ephemera A-C, 1975-1992 (Boxes 8-9)
Series 3: Ephemera D-Z, 1969-1997 (Boxes 9-11)
Series 4: Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1962-1990 (Boxes 11-12)
Series 5: Oversize 1979-1989 (Box 13)

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Collection is open to research.

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Special Collections Research Center holds several thousand volumes of rare books.

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Fine books.
Private press books.
Rare books.

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Patricia England fine print collection, Collection #C0076, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.

Acquisition Information

Collection donated by Patricia England in 1993.

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Processed by Special Collections Research Center staff. EAD markup completed by Eron Ackerman and Jordan Patty in August 2009. Additional EAD markup completed by Tom Duncan in 2010.

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Contents List

Series 1: Periodicals, 1980-1992 (7.5 boxes)
This series contains a number of periodicals and newsletters with information on book collecting and printing history.
Box Folder
1 1-6 American Book Collector, Vols. 1-6, Nos. 1-6, January/February 1980 - November/December 1985
Box Folder
2 1-2 American Book Collector, Vol. 7, Nos. 1-8, 10-12, January 1986 - December 1986
3 American Book Collector, Vol. , Nos. 1-6, January 1987 - June 1987
4 American Printing History Association, The Alpha Letter, Nos. 19-45, 47-67, 81-82, 94, 1979-1990
5 Book Collector's Market, Vol. 2, Nos. 1-6; Vol. 4, Nos. 1-6, 1976-1979
Box Folder
3 1 The Book Club of California Quarterly Newsletter, 17 issues, 1978-1982
Vol. 43, Nos. 3-4; Vol. 44, Nos. 1-4; Vol. 45, Nos. 1-2. 4; Vol. 46, Nos. 1-4; Vol. 47, Nos. 1, 3-4; Vol. 48, No. 1
2 The Book Club of California Quarterly Newsletter, 16 issues, 1983-1986
Vols. 31-40; Vol. 48, Nos. 2-4; Vol. 49, Nos. 1-4; Vol. 50, Nos. 1-4; Vol. 51, Nos. 1-4
3 The Book Club of California Quarterly Newsletter, 18 issues, 1986-1993
Vol. 52, Nos. 1, 3-4; Vol. 53, Nos. 2-4; Vol. 54, Nos. 1-4; Vol. 55, Nos. 1; Vol. 56, nos. 3-4; Vol. 57, Nos. 1-3; Vol. 58, Nos, 1-2
4 The Book Collector, 1982-1983
Vol. 31, No. 4; Vol. 32, Nos. 1-3
Box Folder
4 1 The Book Collector, 1983-1984
Vol. 32, No. 4; Vol. 33, Nos. 1-3
2 The Book Collector, 1984-1985
Vol. 33, No. 4; Vol. 34, Nos. 1-3 (Vol. 34, No. 1, misnumbered as Vol. 32, No. 1)
3 The Book Collector, 1985-1986
Vol. 34, No. 4; Vol. 35, Nos. 1-3
4 The Book Collector and The Devil's Artisan, 1986-1987; 1981
Vol. 35, No. 4; Vol. 36, No. 1-2; The Devil's Artisan, Nos. 5-7
5 The Devil's Artisan, 1982-1986
Nos. 8-18
Box Folder
5 1 The Devil's Artisan, 1986-1990
Nos. 19-27
2 Guild of Book Workers Journal, Vol. 20, Nos. 1-2, 1981-1982
3 Konglomerati (periodical), Vol. 6, Nos. 1-4, 1980-1983
Printing History, Vol. 1-7, Nos. 1-2, 1979-1985
Box Folder
6 Printing History, Vols. 8-13, Nos. 1-2; Vol. 14, No. 1, 1986-1992
1 The Private Library, 1970; 1980-1981
Second Series, Vol. 3, Nos. 3-4; Third Series, Vol. 3, Nos. 1-4; Vol. 3, Nos. 1-3
2 The Private Library, 1981-1983
Third Series, Vol. 4, No. 4; Vols. 5-6, Nos. 1-4
Box Folder
7 1 The Private Library, 1984-1987
Third Series, Vols. 7-10
2 The Private Library, 1988-1990
Fourth Series, Vols. 1-3
3 Private Libraries Association, 1980-1987
Newsletters, Nos. 92-93, 96, 99, 107, 118; Exchange Lists, Nos 92-93, 99, 118; Organization Description; Meeting Agenda
4 Small Press, 1984-1985
Vol. 1, No. 6; Vol 2, Nos. 1-3
5 Typographic, 1975-1983
Vol. 7, Nos. 2-3; Vol 8, No. 1; Vol. 14, Nos. 2, 4; Vol. 15, No. 2
6 Bancroftiana, No. 92, 1986
7 The Boldeian Library Record, Vol. 10, No. 6, 1982
8 The Imprint of the Stanford Libraries Association, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1983
9 John and Mary's Journal, No. 8, 1983
Box Folder
8 1 The Record, No. 12, 1982
2 Versal, January, 1991
Series 2: Ephemera A-C, 1975-1992 (1 box)
This series contains material related to a number of printing presses, including Christmas cards, business cards, brochures, prospectuses, and publication announcements.
Box Folder
8 3 Acorn Press, 1975; 1984; 1990
Christmas Cards, Invitation to No-Name Book Group
4 Adastra Press, 1989
Pamphlet (poetry titles), 2 Publication Announcements (Through the Mother Ditch, Sea Fire)
5 Allen Press, 1985-1989
3 Publication Announcements (Romeo and Juliet, 1988; The Poeticon Atronomicon, 1985; Egypt: Herodotus: Fifth Century B. C., 1989)
6 American Antiquarian Society, 1986
Seminar Announcement
7 Anachronic Editions
Publication Announcement (Collotype)
8 Ann Muir Marbling
Brochure with paper samples
9 Anvil Press, 1984
Correspondence (notecard), Publication Announcement (Poems by Li Po, 1984)
10 Arif Press, 1989
Invitation, Note on Publication Delays (Ars Poetica, 1989)
11 Arion Press, 1980-1990
Christmas Cards (1983, 1985-1987, 1989), Keepsake (A Wartime Letter from Jane Grabhorn to S/Sgt. Albert Sperisen... 1980), 6 Publication Announcements (le Desert De Retz, 1990; Wallace Stevens Poems, 1985; The Maltese Falcon, 1983; Flatland; The Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Cristoph Rilke, 1983; Tristam Shandy, 1988; United States Constitution, 1987
12 Arion Press, 1982; 1987
Pamphlet, 2 Publication Announcements (The Typefoundry in Silhouette; The Book of Common Prayer, 1982)
13 Ashling Press, 1976
Publication Announcement (The Art of Papermaking, 1976)
14 Associates of the University of California Press, 1980
Description, Invitation
15 Barbarian Press, 1983
Publication Announcement (Sorts and Founts, 1983)
16 Bieler Press, 1983-1985
Christmas Card, Catalog (984), 5 Publication Announcements (The 24 Doors, 1985; moon, 1983; A Printer's Dozen; Five Small Meditations on Summer and Birds, 1984; The Compleat Melancholick, 1985)
17 Bird and Bull Press, 1984-1985
Announcement and Postcard concerning Artsman Organization and Tiller, Publication Announcement (Tiller, Vol. 2, 1984)
18 Book Arts press, 1983-1984, 1989
Christmas Cards
19 Book Club of California - Postcards
20 Book Club of California - Announcements and Prospectuses, 1979-1990
Announcements, Invitations, Memorial for Sherwood Grover, 2 Series of Keepsake Folders (Lithographic Views of California Towns, 1875-1889, 1-10, 1985; Chinese Book Arts and California, 1-12, 1989), 9 Public Announcements (Dan De Quille of the Big Bonanza, 1980; A Trumpet of Our Own, 1981; A Western Journey with Mr. Emerson, 1979; Romualdo Pacheco..., 1985; At the Sign of the lark, 1983; Frank Morrison Pixley..., 1989; Letters to Elizabeth, 1977; Paul Landacre, 1982' The Rhemes New Testament, 1990)
21 Book Club of California - Announcements and Prospectuses, 1978-1989
Memorial for Lawton Kennedy, Keepsake (California Printing, Part Two, 1981), 16 Public Announcements (The Log of Apollow, 1986; Art Deco, 1987; Thomas Bewick and the Fables of Aesop, 1983; California Wine-making, 1978; The Grabhorn Press, 1981-82; A Matter of Taste, 1979; Isadora Duncan and Gordon Craig, 1988; Texas Argonauts, 1987; Mexico on Stone, 1984; Edward Vischer's Drawings..., 1982; Themes in Aquatint. 1978; Redwood and Lumbering..., 1983; From Kapuvar to California, 1979; A Book on Gaelic Arts..., 1989; Frank Norris: Collected Letters, 1986; An Artist records the California Missions, 1989)
22 Book Club of California - Miscellaneous, 1980
Invitations, Membership Notifications, Memorial for Joseph M. Bransten
23 Book club of Texas
Announcements, Invitations
24 Boxwood Press
Publication Announcement (The Song of Songs, with 4 postcards)
25 Bridwell Library, 1985
Publication Announcement (Anglican Liturgy... - Catalog, 1985)
26 Bromer Booksellers, 1981-1983
Christmas Cards (1982-1983), 2 Public Announcements (The Cask of Amontillado, 1981; Shall I Die? Shall I Fly?)
27 Buttonmaker Press
Box Folder
9 1 Cambridge University Library
Catalog Sheet
2 Catawba Press, 1984
Christmas Cards for Smith College Library, 2 Publication Announcements (Shaker Herbs, 1984; Of the Small Silver-couloured Book-worm)
3 Century Editions, 1981
Publication Announcement (The Sphinx, 1981)
4 Chama Press
Publication Announcement (Artistry in Single Action)
5 Chelondiidae Press, 1984-1986
Christmas Cards (1985-1986), Series List, 2 Publication Announcements (The Jumping Frog, 1985; The Black Cat, 1984)
6 Chiswick Book Shop, 1982, 1991
Christmas Pamphlet (1982), Invitation, Publication Announcement (The Book of Joseph, 1991)
7 Coffee House Press, 1986
Catalog associated with Toothpaste Press
8 Corycian Press, 1981
9 Cummington Press
Publication Announcement (Northern Interior)
Series 3: Ephemera D-Z, 1969-1997 (2 boxes)
This series contains material related to a number of printing presses, including Christmas cards, business cards, brochures, prospectuses, and publication announcements.
Box Folder
9 10 David R. Godine, Publisher
Newsletters, Selected Books in Print Catalogues, 2 Publication Announcements (Rails of the World, Specimen Days)
11 Dawson's Bookshop, 1983
Publication Announcement (Paul Landacre, 1983)
12 DeGolyer Library 1987
Publication Announcement (Book Stalking.../ Return to the Heartland, 1987)
13 Doltroon Press
Publication Announcement (Halos of Debris)
14 Earl and Ivan Kallemeyn, Printers, 1981
Keepsake (Psalm XXII)
15 Ecco Press, 1993
Publication Announcement (Dante's Inferno, 1993)
16 Edition Seefeld
Publication Announcement (Tagebuch Der Reise...)
17 Emanon Press, 1981
Publication Announcement (Las Piedras del Cielo, 1981)
18 Ex Ophidia Books, 1986
Books in Print Folder
19 Five Trees Press
20 French Publishing Corporation, 1989
Publication Announcement (Plain John Wiltshire..., 1989)
21 Friends of the Bancroft Library
22 Friends of the Shakespeare Press Museum
Publication Announcement(The Penetrating Light...)
23 Friends of Smith College Library
24 Fritz and Trudi Eberhardt
Business Card/ Folder
25 Gehenna Press, 1994
Exhibition Checklist
26 Gemelli Press, 1989
Publication Announcement (A Sound Beyond, 1989)
27 Gleeson Library Associates, 1969-1991
Christmas Cards (1969, 1978, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1991)
28 Granary Books
Publication Announcement (Firebird)
29 Greenwood Press, 1979-1993
Advertisement for Program at Center for Typographic Language, List of Books (1992-1993 Publication), 3 Publication Announcements (Book One by Horace, 1981; A Search for the Typographic Form of Plato's Phaedrus, 1979)
30 Grenfell Press, 1985
31 Grolier Club, 1988
32 Heyeck Press, 1982-1993
Christmas Cards (1982, 1984, 1993), Card Relating to 1989 Earthquake, Publication Announcement (Sources)
33 Hiersoux, Powers, Thomas, 1982
Publication Announcement (Mulberry Women, 1982)
34 Hollow Press
Publication Announcement (Uncle E's Lessons...)
35 Iguana Press, 1981-1984
Christmas Cards (1981, 1982, 1984), Titles in Print, Address Slip, Birth Announcement
36 Interval Press
37 Irish Pig Press
Business Card/ Folder
38 James, the Printer, 1997
Publication Announcement (The Elston Press..., 1997)
39 Jeffrey Thomas, Fine and Rare Books, 1982
40 Jester Press, 1982
Publication Announcement (Linocuts of edward B. Heffernan, 1982)
41 Jo Ann Reister, Ltd., 1982
Publication Announcement (Alphabetarium, 1982)
Box Folder
10 1 John Howell - Books
Business Cards
2 Jordan Davies, 1983
Poetry Catalog, Publication Announcement (Father Abraham, 1983)
3 Kairo Press
2 Publication Announcements (Just Such a Time; The Stone Beloved)
4 Kathleen Gray Schallock
Artwork Offer
5 Keynes Press, 1984
6 King Library Press
Publication Announcement (Arcades)
7 Peter Kock, Printer, 1982-1989
Christmas Cards for Steven Corey (1989), Business Cards, Invitation for Nob Hill Association (1982)
8 Konglomerati Press, 1981
Catalog, 2 Publication Announcements (Florida Poems, Catnip Pie)
9 Kutanai Press
Publication Announcement (Arcades)
10 Lab Press
Christmas Card
11 Labyrinth Editions, 1982
Christmas Card
12 Larkspur Press
13 Leopard's Head Press, 1982
Publication Announcement (The Moon Dies, 1982)
14 Libanus Press, 1987
15 Library of Congress, 1985
16 Library Fellows of Whitney Museum of American Art
Publication Announcement (The View)
17 James Linden, Publisher, 1986
Correspondence, 2 Publication Announcements (The Fates of Rocks and Trees; Apology for Bad Dreams, 1986)
18 Limited Editions Club, 1983
Chrismas Cards, Series Catalogs, Newsletters
19 M Kimberly Press
Publication Announcement (Purifying the Language of the Tribe)
20 Matrix Press, 1982
Correspondence, Five Trees Press Ephemera Catalog, 3 Publication Announcements (Chimera Broadsides series, The Indians in the Woods, Red Light with Blue Sky)
21 Meadow Press, 1982
Catalog, 5 Publication Announcements (Small Hymns; Shaving at Night, 1982; Cracked Open; Leon; Black Waters)
22 Mink Brook Editions, 1988
Publication Announcement (Poster by Lance Hidy, 1988)
23 MIT Press
Publication Announcement (Thomas Bewick)
24 Moving Parts Press, 1985-1990
Catalog, Correspondence, 3 Publication Announcements (The Rain, 1985; Fair Entry, 1990; The Hand Correspondence, 1990)
25 Mt. Tam Press, 1985
Keepsake Printed for Roxburghe Club
26 No-Name Rare Book Group
27 Nova Cards
28 Occasional Works, 1987
Publications Announcement (Still Life and Other Poems, 1987)
29 Pacific Center for the Book Arts/ Friends of the San Francisco Library, 1986-1987
30 Parallel Editions
Project Catalog
31 Penmaen Press, 1982-1983
Books in Print List, Catalogs, Newsletter, Advertisement for Notecards, Publication Announcement (Face to Face - series of engravings)
32 Pennyroyal Press, 1976-1987
Catalogs (1976, 1980), 2 Advertisements for Moser Engraving Pieces, 5 Publication Announcements (Frankenstein, 1984; The Robber Bridegroom, 1987; Man in a Metal Cage, 1977; Eve, Singing, 1976; Above the Oxbow [reads "Catawba Press])
33 Penstemon Press, 1980
Correspondence, Lithograph Reproductions, Catalogs, Artist Resume, Publication Announcement (Aubade, 1980)
34 Penumbra Press, 1981
Valentine Card, Books in Print List, 2 Publication Announcements (Good Evening and Other Poems, Keeping the Night)
35 Pittsburgh Bibliographies, 1981-1988
Invitation (1981), Memorial for Agnes Lynch Starrett (1988)
36 Plain Wrapper Press
Correspondence, Article, Description, Publication Announcement (Will and Testament)
37 Plough Press, 1988
Publication Announcement (Patterns and Pigments in English Marbled Papers, 1988)
38 Prairie Press
39 Press at Colorado College
Publication Announcement (Tattoo Parlor...)
40 Press in Tuscany Alley
Wine Label, Publication Announcement (The Swing)
41 Press of the Golden Key
42 Press of Appletree Alley
2 Publication Announcements (Adam and Eve, The Man Who Loved Islands)
43 Press of the Palace of Governors, 1987
2 Publication Announcements (My New Mexico Literary Friends; Broncho vs. Bicycle, 1987)
44 Private Press, 1988
45 Protean Press
Publication Announcement (Maya)
46 Pyracantha Press, 1989
Publication Announcement (The Warrington Poems, 1989)
47 Rainbow Press
48 Rampant Lions Press
Publication Announcement (Root and Sky)
49 Reading Lion Press, 1983
Christmas Card
50 Red Gull Press, 1985
Correspondence, Publication Announcement (Majnun Laila, 1985)
51 Red Ozier Press, 1982-1985
Correspondence, Postcard (1984), Publication Lists (1982, 1983, 1984), Christmas Cards, 4 Publication Announcements (Father Abraham, 1983; Careless Love, 1985; One Day of Happiness, 1982; Looking for Beethoven in Las Vegas, 1983)
52 Rocket Press, 1987-1988
Catalog, Publication Announcement (Alice in Wonderland - Series of Engravings [references Macmillan Publishers Ltd.])
Box Folder
11 1 Roger Beachum, Publisher
Publication Announcement (Old Maid's Folly, Black Venus, and Other Texas legal Tales)
2 Rosemary Press
3 Sacramento Book Collectors Club, 1986
Publication Announcement (John A. Sultev's Last Days, 1986)
4 St. Paul's Bibliographies, 1986-1987
5 Sandstone Press, 1981
6 Scarab Press, 1980
Publication Announcement (Printing Poetry, 1980)
7 Scolar Press
Bookmark Advertisement for Latin Edition of Wizard of Oz, Publication Announcement (Three Stories of the Raj)
8 Sea Pen Press and Paper Mill
Notes, Publication Announcement (Even Money)
9 Shelly Hoyt (Formerly Black Stone Press)
Invitation, Business Card, Publication List, 2 Publication Announcements (Reflections on Color, The Circus of Most Inventions)
10 Silver Buckle Press
3 Publication Announcements (Calendar of Ornamental Material; The Significance of the Frontier; O'Ryan's Belt)
11 Somesuch Press, 1978-1983
Series Announcement (1978), Name Card, 7 Publication Announcements (Little Manvel; The Wars of the Words, 1980; Portraits of the Queen, 1979; Certain Unalienable Rights, 1982; Love, 1983; Christmas Stamps, 1982; Pueblo Art, 1983)
12 Stone House Press, 1978-1988
13 Swamp Press
14 Taurus Books, 1989
Christmas Card
15 Tern Press
Business Description, Forthcoming Titles Card, Folder
16 Theodore Press
Publication Announcement (A Winter Walk)
17 Tidal Press, 1977-1985
Correspondence, Books for Sale Lists (1979), Prospectus for 1977-1985
18 Toothpaste Press, 1980-1983
Books in Print List (1982), New Titles Flyer (1980), Catalogs (1981, 1983), Publication Announcement (A Visit from St. Alphabet)
19 Turkey Press
Stolen and Contaminated Poems
20 Twowindows Press
Correspondence, Catalog, 3 Publication Announcements (Devour the Fire; Bromeliaceae Andreanae; With a Heart Full of Love)
21 Unidentified
2 Publication Announcements (Guillem de Poitou; The Hour of the Bell)
22 University of California Press, 1984
Publication Announcement (A Medieval Mirror, 1984)
23 University of Iowa Center for the Book, 1986
Advertisement for Paper Samples
24 USC Fine Arts Press
2 Publication Announcements (The Letter of Columbus, Coranto - Periodical)
25 W. Thomas Taylor, 1983-1989
Keepsake for Book Club of Texas (Reprinted Review of My First Thirty Years), 2 Announcements of Availability for Sale (33 Autograph Letters of John Locke, Shakespeare Head Press The Works), 4 Publication Announcements (Twelve Bindings; Adrian Wilson, 1983; Reprints of Early French and English Binding-Marbling Manuals, 1987; Bruce Rogers, 1988)
26 Warwick Press
Business Card, 2 Publication Announcements (On Becoming Three and Thirty; A Poultry Piece)
27 Waters Family, 1978-1989
Christmas Cards (1985, 1987, 1989), Prospectus for Calligraphy Prings with Miniature Proofs and Photo (1978)
28 Whittington Press, 1983-1984
Prospectus, Invitation
29 William Kaufman, Inc., 1981
Publication Announcement (The Hunting of the Snark, 1981)
30 Windell Press, 1988
Publication Announcement (Ines Reigned in Death, 1988)
31 Windhover Press
2 Publication Announcements (Daily Horoscope; Memoirs of an Ismaric Spear)
32 Windriver Press, 1984
Publication Announcement (Who Shot the Bear?, 1984)
33 Wood Lea Press
Publication Announcement (The Wood-engravings of John Nash)
34 Yellow Barn Press, 1986-1988
5 publication Announcements (The Old Printing Office; Dress, 1986; Oscar Wilde: A Problem in Biography; William Morris; Late Verses and Earlier, 1988)
35 Yolla Bolly Press, 1983-1987
Invitation, Newsletter (Bookfarm, 1985), 7 Publication Announcements (The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, 1984; California Writers of the Land, 1983; Robinson Jeffers; True Bear Stories, 1985; Where Shall I Take You To: The Love Letters of Una and Robinson Jeffers, 1987; Cawdor, 1983; Flight, 1984)
Series 4: Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1962-1990 (1.5 boxes)
This series contains a number of pamphlets, including reprints of much older original works (such as William Caxton), as well as invitations to exhibits, bookplates and keepsakes.
Box Folder
11 36 Two Aspects of Memory: Adams, Frederick B., 1968
Pamphlet; Subtitled: A Celebration of Libraries; Smith College Library; Contains 2 Essays ("Collecting for Scholars," Adams, Frederick B., Jr.; "The Task of Recollection,": Piel, Gerard)
37 Appendix to a Report from the Committee Appointed to View the Cottonian Library, 1981
Pamphlet; Book Arts Press 1981 Reprint of 1732 Original; Foreword by Belanger, Terry
38 Belanger, Terry - Ten Years of the Book Arts Press, 1982
39 The Case of Designers, Engravers, Etchers, Etc., 1975
Pamphlet; Book Arts Press 1975 Reprint of 1735 Original; Foreword by Belanger, Terry
40 Caxton, William - Scrambled Egges, 1976
Pamphlet; Book Arts Press 1976 Reprint of 1490 Original; Foreword by Belanger, Terry
41 Check list of the Incunabula in the William Allan Neilson Library, 1975
Pamphlet; Friends of the Smith College Library
Box Folder
12 1 Cohen, Morton N. - The Search for Rudyard Kipling, 1966
Pamphlet; Syracuse University
2 Flower, Dean - Henry James in Northhampton, 1971
Pamphlet; Smith College
3 Friedman, Katie - Irises, 1978
Art Book; Subtitled After Korin, 1658-1716; Friedman, Sarah K.; Hosanna Press; Limited Edition, No. 35 of 75; Signed by Artist; Tissue-wrapped in Japanese Paper Envelope, in Standard Envelope
4 Hale, Nancy - Daughter of the Abolitionists, 1964
Pamphlet; Smith College
5 Harwell, Richard - The Touchstone, 1970
Pamphlet; Smith College
6 Kaplan, Justin - Born to Trouble, 1985
Pamphlet; Subtitled One Hundred Years of Huckleberry Finn; Library of Congress
7 The Landscape Alphabet, 1981
Pamphlet; Smith College; Contains 2 Essays and Reproductions of Engravings
8 Miers, Earl Schenck - America at Ease, 1962
Pamphlet; Curtis Paper Company
9 Observations of the Late Dr. Goldsmith, 1975
Pamphlet; Title Continues: No. 7: Petitions and Papers Relating to the Bill of Booksellers; Book Arts Press 1975 Reprint of 1774 Original; Foreword by Belanger, Terry
10 Pears, Thomas C. - History of Pittsburgh Bibliographies, 1987
Pamphlet; Thomace C., III
11 Pearson, Norman Holmes - Hawthorne's two 'Engagements', 1963
Pamphlet; Smith College
12 Regulations Concerning the Issue of Trade Books: 1828, 1976
Pamphlet; Book Arts Press 1976 Reprint of 1828 Original
13 Rehberg, Frederick - Emma Hamilton's Attitudes, 1990
Pamphlet; Houghton Library, Harvard College
14 Rider, Robin, E. - The Show of Science, 1983
Keepsake, No. 31 in a Series; Friends of the Bancroft Library
15 A Sampler from the Library of Walter and Martha Leuba, 1977
Exhibition Catalog; University if Pittsburgh
16 Shephard, Yolande - Mallette Dean, 1982
Keepsake; Title Continues: Artistic Printer, his influence on Napay Valley and California wine labels; Richard A. Gleeson Library
17 Snider, Robert C. - A Catalog of the Robert C. Snider Collection, 1976
Catalog; Signed by Author
18 Bookplates
Envelope of Bookplates with names Miller Hunt, Rachel McMasters, Hunt Botanical Library; Single Bookplate reads John Donne Collection of Hamilton Tyler
19 Christmas Cards
Press-unidentified Chrismas Cards; Names include Allens, Clarks, Riebels, Vincents, Harvey, Cohens
20 Correspondence
Note and Announcement; References Presses Arion, Black Stone, and Intersection
21 Exhibits and Invitations, 1978-1987
Invitations (to Party at "Small Press Traffic" in Honor of a "sombrereptiles" Book, 1984; to Celebration in Honor of Barry Moser Receiving American Book Award, 1983; to Currier Gallery of Art Poster Exhibit, 1985; to Reception at "Susan Caldwell, Inc.," 1983; to Exhibition for the First 10 Years of Moving Parts Press and Greenhouse Review Press, 1987; to an Exhibition of Original Wood Engravings and 49 First Strike Prints with Barry Moser, Glenn Books, 1985; to a Christmas Exhibition of Gifts to the Library at the University of California, Berkeley, 1984; to an Exhibition on Victor Hammer for the Centennial of His Birth, 1982; to an Exhibition of American Book Art from 1980-1983 at the University of Wisconsin Madison, 1983; to an Exhibition of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mayfield at Georgetown University Library, 1978)
22 Miscellaneous, Undated
Experiment in Type Cast Referencing Ashley Crawford and Paul Duensing; Card for Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament; Other Printed Material
Series 5: Oversize 1979-1989 (1 box)
This series contains oversized broadsides, advertisements and keepsakes
Box Folder
13 1 Daniel Boorstins Constitution of the United States, 1987-1988
United States Constitution, Preface by Warren Burger, The Arion Press, 1987; Ulysses, with letter from Andrew Hoyem dated May 17, 1988, describing Ulysses by James Joyce and Tristom Shandy by Laurence Sterne.
Calendar, 1979
Dwyer's Bookstore, Printed at Hamshire Typothetae
Small; Image of soldiers and vers "From the old Taver, Grafton, Vermont"
Sheet with Franklin Roosevelt Quote
Broadside, 1980
Poem, "The Trumpet Vine" by Toby Olson; Salient Seedling Press
Quotation and Print; Christopher Fry; Charles E. Wadsworth
Poem, Horace; "In memory of Robert Hunter Middleton 1898-1985"
Advertisement, 1988
University of San Francisco; "Form and Beyond: Art and Spirituality in Japan"
Advertisement, 1986
University of San Francisco; "Victory Through Suffering"
Broadside, 1983
Book Arts Press; "The book Arts Press Thought for Valentines Day"
Broadside-Keepsake, 1983
Printed for the Standing Committee on Centers and Regional Associations of the Medieval Academy of America on the Occasion of Their Visit to Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University
Prospectus, with plate, 1985
Basilisk Press; The Rhinoceros: A Monograph
"The Four Steps to Perfect Wine Making"; Antique Collectors Club; A book of Bestial Nonsense
Exhibit; Dwyer's Gallery; of Moser "drawing and prints for books"
Exhibit and Moser Lecture; Watkinson Library (Trinity); Pennyroyal Press books
Calligraphy Alphabet; Anne O'Connor; J.P. Dwyer, Bookseller
Advertisement-Announcement, 1988
2 Copies; Panel; Folger Library; "Collecting the Book: Public and Private Collections"
Advertisement-Poster, 1981
Bread and Puppet Circus "Our Domestic Resurrections"
Poem; "Fanfare for Jane"; "k.w."; Five Trees Press
Keepsake, 1987
"A Bird's Eye View of the Whittington Press"; Miriam Macgregor; Signed by Macgregor
Prespectus, 1981
Arif Press; Sappho: Fragmenta Nova; Signed by Kathryn Clark
Specimen Sheet, 1948
Centaur Type and Atlantic Antique Laid Paper Type; Eastern Corporation
Printed on Both Sides; "Le Moulin du Verger de Puymoyen"
Broadside, 1987
2 Copies; Article Extract and Reproduction of Linocut; John R. Smith; Edwards Bawden; Rocket Press
Advertisement-Announcement, 1986
Barry Moser; Folger Library; "Emily Dickinson, 1830-1886: A Centenary Celebration"; with reproduction of engraving
Broadside-Keepsake, 1989
Images of Fish with Text; Book Club of Texas; Whitehead and Whitehead (designer); W. Thomas Taylor (printer)
Broadside, 1981
Poem; "Cracked Open"; Barbara Luck; Charles Aquilina (artist); Meadow Press; Limited Editions, No. 30 of 100, signed by author
Broadside-Keepsake, 1988
Cowboy Image and Text; Larry McMurtry; "Printed for the First Annual Meeting of the Book Club of Texas"; Wind River Press
Image of Lion and Donkey Under a Tree; For a Dance in the Newark School
Prospectus, 1982
Pennyroyal Press; Through the Looking Glass
Printed with Lines, Volor Blocks, Flower; No Text
In Folder; Text on Centaur type; Eastern Corporation; Appears to Relate to Specimen Sheet also in this Portfolio
Exhibite Guide Sheet/ Prospectus
Appears to be an unfolded sheet of 7 printed pages containing an introduction and listing of Barry Moser's illustrations for "The California Danate"; No context givent; May relate to the advertisement-announcement for a Moser exhibit at Dwyer's Gallery also in this portfolio.
Broadside-Keepsake, 1983
Text on Aristotle Volume; Printed on the Occasion of the Visit of the Umphrey Lee Associates, The Founders' Society, and the President's Council to Bridwell Library; Numbered 183 of 250
Print-Advertisment, 1979
Text and Image Noted as from Book Lenin's Paintings to appear in 1980; Cloud Marauder-Sombre Reptiles (producer); West Coast Print Center (printer)
Poster-Advertisement, 1988
Type Image and Text; David Goines (artist); Art Directors and Artists Club of Sacramento
Broadside, 1987
Poem; "The Blindman"; May Swenson; Pyramid Atlantic Workshop; Edition of 60, Numbered 9 of the 35 Numbered
Poster-Prospectus, 1984
Arion Press; Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror; With a Letter Describing the Poster and Book Dated January 12, 1984 by Andrew Hoyem
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