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Descriptive Summary

Repository George Mason University. Special Collections Research Center.
Creator Evelyn Littleton Pugh, 1930-1987
Title Evelyn L. Pugh papers
Date 1959-1983
Physical Characteristics 9 linear feet (24 boxes)
Abstract Materials in the collection support the study of John Stuart Mill and women's rights. They include the following: manuscript copy of "John Stuart Mill and Half the Human Race" by Evelyn L. Pugh; Pugh's master's thesis entitled: "The Socialist Party in the Election of 1932" (1959); her dissertation "John Stuart Mill in America: The Early Impact, 1843-1873"(1966); scholarly publications by Pugh; course syllabi and course materials; bibliographic lists and bibliographic and note card files.
Collection number C0012
Language English

Biographical Information

Evelyn L. Pugh was a faculty member in the Department of History at George Mason University from 1965 to 1987, specializing in the study of John Stuart Mill and women's rights.

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Scope and Content

Materials in the collection support the study of Mill and women's rights. They include the following: manuscript copy of "John Stuart Mill and Half the Human Race" by Evelyn L. Pugh; Pugh's master's thesis entitled: "The Socialist Party in the Election of 1932" (1959); her dissertation "John Stuart Mill in America: The Early Impact, 1843-1873"(1966); scholarly publications by Pugh; course syllabi and course materials; bibliographic lists and bibliographic and note card files.

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Related Material

Special Collections Research Center also holds the papers of GMU history professor Roy Rosenzweig.

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Index Terms


Mill, John Stuart, 1806-1873.
Pugh, Evelyn Littleton, 1930-1987.


Women's rights--Europe--History--19th century.
Women's rights--United States--History--19th century.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Evelyn L. Pugh papers, Collection #C0012, Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.

Acquisition Information

Collection donated by Robert E. Pugh in 1989.

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Processed by Special Collections Research Center staff. EAD markup completed by Eron Ackerman and Jordan Patty in March 2009.

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Contents List

Evelyn L. Pugh papers
Box Folder
1 1 University Press Letters
2 Working Outline (Evelyn Pugh),
3 Working Outline by Chapters (Dick O'Keeffe),
4 Manuscript (A-J Chapters),
5 Manuscript (K-P Chapters),
6 Manuscript (Q-R Chapters),
7 Manuscript (John Stuart Mill and the Women's Question in Parliament, 1865-68),
8 Manuscript and notes on subjection of women in England,
9 Jailed for Freedom, 1990,
Box Folder
2 1 Pugh, Evelyn L. "John Stuart Mill in America: The Early Impact 1843-73". Ph. D. dissertation, The American University, 1966, v.1,
2 Pugh, Evelyn L. "John Stuart Mill in America: The Early Impact 1843-73". Ph.D. dissertation, The American University, 1966, v.2,
3 Pugh, Evelyn L. "The Socialist Party in the Election of 1932." Master's thesis, Duke University, 1959,
4 Eulogy
Box Folder
3 1 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "Politics and Light Verse: Another Look at J.S. Mill." The Mill Newsletter , v.XII., no.2, 1977,
2 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "The First Woman Candidate for Parliament: Helen Taylor and the Election of 1885." International Journal of Women's Studies, v.1, no.4, July/August 1978,
3 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "John Stuart Mill, Harriet Taylor, and Women's Rights in America, 1850-73." Canadian Journal of History, v.XII., no.3, December 1978,
4 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "Suffragette Prisoners at the Occoquan Workhouse." Northern Virginia Heritage, v.I, no.3, October 1979,
5 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "Women and Slavery: Julia Gardiner Tyler and Duchess of Sutherland." The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, v.88. no.2, April 1980,
6 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "John Stuart Mill and the Women's Question in Parliament, 1865-1868." The Historian, v. XLII, May 1980,
7 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L."J.S. Mill's Autobiography and the Hyde park Riots." Research Studies, v.50, no.1, March 1982,
8 Publication: Pugh, Evelyn L. "Florence Nightingale and J.S. Mill Debate Women's Rights." Journal of British Studies, v.XXI, no.2, Spring 1982,
9 Presentations (see resume for the list)
Box Folder
4 1 Resume
2 Promotion and Salary,
3 Faculty Annual Reviews,
4 Advising
5 Committees
6 Consulting
7 Syllabus
8 Research Grants and Leaves
9 Correspondence
10 Correspondence
11 Correspondence- Panels, Programs, Presentations,
12 Correspondence- Publications,
13 Correspondence- Recommendations,
14 Correspondence- Reviews and Evaluations,
15 Reviews of Proposed Books,
16 Virginia Women's Cultural History Project,
17 Women Historians,
18 Telephone List,
19 Orders,
Box Folder
5 1 Current Outline,
2 Hamilton, Margaret, "Opposition to Woman Suffrage in England: 1865-1884 A Case Study of a Counter movement." Victorian Institute Journal, v.4, 1975,
3 "The Suppressed Sex", Westminster Review, v. XXXIV, October 1968,
4 Women and Music,
5 Pike, Luke Owen. "A History of Crime in England."
6 Voting (Robert Peel),
7 McGregor, Oliver R. "Divorce in England."
8 Illustrations,
9 Viner, Jacob "Bentham and Mill: The Unitarian Background." From the Long View and the Short,
10 The Subjection of Women,
11 Robertson, John and Stevenson, Pierce "Criticism on Women." Western Review, v. XXXII, April 1839,
12 Russian Translation,
13 Sovremennik(Petersburg), Nov. 1860, no.s., v.84, pp.221-50,
14 Kowalewski, David "Politics and Emotion in the Thought of John Stuart Mill" Journal of Psychohistory, v.7, Spring 1980,
15 JSM-Russia- Women's Rights,
16 JSM- Japan- Women's Rights,
17 "The Subjection of Women" introduction to Russian edition, 1861,
18 Scott, Firor "Women's Perspective on the Patriarchy in the 1850s." Journal of American History, v.LXI, June 1974,
19 Comments on JSM and the Objection of Women in the Nation, 1870,
20 Wheeler, Anna Doyle, in Biographical Dictionary of Modern British Radicals,
21 Schneidermeyer, Wilma "JSM's Principle of Liberty and Legislative Reality" in Journal of Human Relations, v.20, 1972,
22 Harrison, Frederick. "JSM"
23 Women's Suffrage,
24 Parkman, Francis
25 Minorities,
26 Municipal Government Bill,
27 JSM
28 Jamaica
29 Free Trade
30 Irish Question
31 General Election, 1968,
32 1968 Election Results,
33 1968 Election Chedwsck [Bonheur],
34 Women in British Parliamentary Elections(Current),
35 Parliament 1867
36 Showalter's Article on Women,
37 Bertrand Russell on Women,
Box Folder
6 1 Goldstein, Leslie."Mill, Marx, and Women's Liberation."
2 Fawcett Library
3 Stone, Olive M. "Recent Developments in Family Law in British Common Law Jurisdictions."Columbia Law Review, v.67, November 1967,
4 "Property of Married Women." Westminster Review, October 1868,
5 Paulson, Ross Evans."Women's Suffrage and Prohibition: A Comparative Study of Equality and Social Control."
6 Meliora: A Quarterly Review of Social Science,
7 Ethelmer, E. "Feminism." Westminster Review, CIL (149), 1898,
8 Pankhurst, R."The Right of Women to Vote Under the Reform Act, 1867." Fortnightly Review, v.10, no.4, September 1968,
9 "The New Law of Divorce." English Women's Journal, v.1, May 1858,
10 Shattock, Joanne and Michael Wolff. "The Victorian Periodical Press: Samplings and Soundings."
11 JSM- Speech at Edinburgh, 1871. Brignt, Jacob- Speech at Edinburgh, 1870,
12 Stanton, Theodore. "The Women Question in Europe." Kemnitz, Thomas M."Nineteenth Century English History:Materials for Teaching and Study." Stites, Richard."M.L. Mikhailov and the Emergence of the Woman Question in Russia."
13 Stillinger, Jack. "Who Wrote J.S. Mill's Autobiography?" Victorian Studies, v.27, no.1, Autumn 1983,
14 Altman, Elizabeth C. "The Philosophical Bases of Feminism: The Feminist Doctrines of the Saint-Simonians and Charles Fourier."
15 The Ladies Gallery
16 Clarke, M.L. "George Grote: A Biography."(For section on early H. Taylor)
17 Johnson, L.G. "General T. Perronet Thompson 1783-1869: His Military, Literary and Political Campaigns."
18 Women: ELP Talk,
19 The Gerrutsen Collection on Women's History, 1543-1945,
20 Kansas
21 Chandor, John."Marriage- Georgian Style." Horizon, v.16, Autumn 1974,
22 Violence
Box Folder
7 1 [JSM and NEO-Malthusianism]
2 Pym, Horace, Journals of Caroline Fox,
3 Harrison, Brain."Separate Spheres."
4 Power, Susan M."Democracy, Representation and John Stuart Mill." Susguchanne University Studies, v.VII, June 1965,
5 JSM Letters,
6 Miscellaneous
7 Spiegelberg, Herbert."Accident of Birth: A Non-Utilitarian Motif in Mill's Philosophy."Journal of the History of Ideas, v.XXII, Oct.-Dec. 1961,
8 Hughes, Patricia."The Reality Versus the Ideal: J.S. Mill's Treatment of Women, Workers, and Private Property." Canadian Journal of Political Science, v.2, September 1979,
9 Shorter, Edward. "Female Emancipation, Birth Control, and Fertility in European History." AHR, v.78, n.3, June 1973,
10 Broadhurst, Thomas." Advice to Young Ladies on the Improvement of the Mind." Edinburg Review, v.15,
11 Reeve, Henry."Autobiography of JSM." Edinburgh Review, v.139, January 1874. J.F. Stephen and the Crisis of Victorian Thought."Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."
12 Austin, Sarah. "Madame Recamier." Fraser's Magazine, v.40, September 1849,
13 Holyoke, George Jacob. "JSM As Some of the Working Classes Knew Him."
14 Amberley, Lord
15 Yale Manuscripts,
16 Maison, Margaret."Insignificant Objects of Desire." The Listener, v.86, July 1971,
17 Kinzer, Bruce L."J.S. Mill and the Problem of Party." Journal of British Studies, v.XXI, Fall 1981,
18 Letter from London School of Economics,
19 Debates
20 Legal Bibliography on Marriage and Divorce,
21 Helps, Sir Arthur."Women in Education." Friends in Council,
22 Miller, P.J. "Women's Education, Self-Improvement and Social Mobility- A Late Eighteenth Century Debate." British Journal of Educational Studies, v.20, no.3, October 1972,
23 Education
24 Robson, J.M."Bibliography, Research Materials, and Editions" and "A Note on Mill Bibliography."
25 Broadhurst, Thomas."Advice to Young Ladies on the Improvement of the Mind" in Sidney Smith. Memories of Alfieri. Edinburg Review, v.XV, January 1810,
26 Thompson, Dorothy."Women and Nineteenth Century Radical Politics: A Lost Dimension."
27 Alexander, Sally."Women's Work in Nineteenth Century London: A Study of the Years 1820-50."
28 Price, Richard."The Making of Working-Class History." Victorian Studies, v.20, Autumn 1976,
29 Norton, Caroline.Items from examiner; her reply to British and Foreign Review; general article on "Custody of Infants."
30 Stone, Olive M. "The Status of Women in Great Britain." American Journal of Comparative Law, Fall 1922,
31 JSM and Westminster Review
32 Holdsmith- History of English Law, v.5,
Box Folder
9 1 Margaret, Walters
2 Crane, [Grane] - A Century of Family Law,
3 [Women's Work] and Correspondence with JSM,
4 History of Women's Suffrage, v.2,
5 Radcliffe College
6 Sherwood Forest
7 JSM and Comte,
8 Simon, Walter M.- European Positivism in the 19th Century,
9 Thompson, William
10 Davies, Emily- Thoughts on Same Questions Relating to Women, 1860-1908 (Suffrage Chapter),
11 Pankhurst, Richard K.P.-Fourierism in Britain,
12 Law Reports
13 Ten, C.L.- Mill and Liberty,
14 Critique of Subjection of Women. Owen, Harold-Women Adrift,
15 "State of Historical Science in France." British and Foreign Review, 1844
16 JSM-Plagiarism,
17 Collini, Stefan."Liberalism and the Legacy of Mill." The Historical Journal, v.20, no.1, 1977,
18 Mattick, Barbara. A Response to Industrialization (Senior Seminer paper, Spring 1976),
19 "JSM and the English Women's Movement." Historical Studies: Australian and New Zealand, v.18, April 1978,
Box Folder
10 1 Women's Trade Union Leage- Annual Report, 1908-1919,
2 Annie Besart on General Gordon,
3 [Annie Besart]
4 Annie Besart- Reviews,
5 Annie Besart on George Elliot and Woman's Question,
6 National Reformer- Political Economy in 1886- Capital and Lloyd George,
7 Increased Employment of Women During War(WW I),
8 Central Committee on Women's Employment(Unemployment because of war),
9 Women in Non-Munition Factories(WW I),
10 Women in American Revolution
11 "Corn and Flowers: The Social and Cultural Activities of the Women's Trade Union League." Women's Union Journal,
12 Flora MacDonald
13 Poetry and first draft of article,
14 Marriage Reform- Letter From Cairnes to JSM: Marriage Settlements,
15 Women's Periodicals: The English Women's Journal, Victorian Periodicals, The Victoria Magazine, and Newsletter,
16 Thompson, William."Inquiry into the Principles of Distribution of Wealth."
17 Pankhurst, Richard: William Thompson and Alice Wheeter,
18 Miscellaneous- Alice(Lewis Caroll), Disputed Authorship, etc,
19 Women and Poor Laws
20 Brandes
21 Krenis, Lee."Authorithy and Rebellion in Victorian Autobiography."
22 Translations of "Subjection of Women",
23 Charles Kingsley and JSM on Women's Rights,
24 Divorce
25 [Dilke, C.]- Cosmopolis,
26 Rees, J.C."A Phase in the Development of Mill's Ideas on Liberty." Political Studies,
27 Schneidermeyer, Wilma."John Stuart Mill's Principle of Liberty and Legislative Reality." Journal of Human Relations, 1972,
28 Taylor, Barbara- The Woman-Power,
29 McCabe, George."Life and Letters of George Jacob Holyoke", "History of Cooperation", and "First Plan of the Woman's Rights Agitation."
30 Women's Suffrage- Australia,
31 Philo, Familiar."Law of Husband and Wife."
Box Folder
11 1 JSM letters from university college already in printed volumes,
2 The Cave of Adullam and Parliamentary Reform,
3 Married Women's Property Bill,
4 Parliament,1866-Primarily Women- Lydic Beker's article,
5 First draft of paper on violence,
6 Ideas for Columns,
7 Copy of dissertation proposed,
8 Du Bois, Ellen. "The Radicalism of the Woman Suffrage Movement..."
9 Journals
10 Notes for JSM and women in the U.S,
11 Rees, J.C. " A Re-reading of Mill on Liberty." Political Studies, v.VIII, no.2, 1960,
12 Articles on women from National Reformer,
13 Van Halthoon, F.L. "Road to Utopic: A Study of JSM's Social Thoughts." 1971,
14 First draft of JSM and Subjection of Women,
15 Talk on Miss. Nightingale,
16 Material on working women,
17 Tingsten, Herbert. "Victoria and the Victorians."
18 Pugh, Evelyn. " JSM, Harriet Taylor, and Women's Rights in America, 1850-1873." Canadian Journal of History, Sept. 23, 1978,
19 Ray, P. Orman. "The World-Wide Woman Suffrage Movement." Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law, Oct. 1919,
20 JSM and the Old South,
21 Women
22 Women's Rights Talk
23 Bibliography
24 Lists of Bibliography,
Box Folder
12 1 JSM- Women in Factories,
2 Madame Roland- Education of Women,
3 Letter from Mill-Taylor collection and Blackwell letter from Johns Hopkins,
4 Arsenic Bill,
5 McCord, Louisa,
6 Primarily, U.S,
7 Carlyle- Masculine and Feminine,
8 Spencer, Herbert,
9 Votes for Women,
10 Parliament, 1866,
11 Parliamentary Reform and Government,
12 JSM in Parliament,
13 [To] add-Section on British Control and Monthly Repository,
14 Schwartz, Pedor. "New Political Economy of J.S. Mill."
15 Women's Votes,
16 Population
17 Benthem, [Jeremy]. The Comparison to [Illegible] and Women,
18 Louise Schyler Letler- M.T. Collection.[Illegible] Women's Suffrage,
Box Folder
13 1 Stanton. et. al." History of Woman Suffrage." v.3, England,
2 Barbara Bodiehon letter to Harriot Taylor , June 1866 (Mill Taylor Collection),
3 JSM and Women [ ] Parliament,
4 The Ladies' Petition and JSM in Parliament,
5 Women's Suffrage Journal, 1870-
6 Masculine and Feminine
7 "History of Women Suffrage"- vol.3, chapter LVIII. "Reminiscences" by Stanton,
8 "The Rationale of Political Representation" by Bailey,
9 JSM and Tocquevilie,
10 "Criticism on Woman"
11 JSM- "Parties at the Ministry", "State of Society in America", and "Democracy in America",
12 An Outline of the Grievances of Women,
13 [Sale of Arsenic Regulation Bill.]
14 British House of Commons and House of Lords Sessional Papers in the Library of Congress,
15 JSM- Letter to Mr. Robertson about a Committee,
16 Parkman, Francis (The Historian and the Law),
17 Johnson, Reverdy
18 Pankhurst, Sylvia
Box Folder
14 1 Subjection of Women (MIT Collection),
2 Cobbe, Francis Power. "Criminals, Idiots, Women, and Minors."
3 Mitchell, Juliet."Women and Equality."
4 Women and Economics,
5 Jill, Roe."Modernization and Sexism: Recent Writings on Victorian Women." Victorian Studies, v.XX, no.2, 1977,
6 Spence, Catherine Helen. " Meeting with J.S. Mill and George Eliot."
7 Mc Gregor, O.R. "The Social Position of Women in England, 1850-1914: A Bibliography." British Journal of Sociology, v.6, 1955,
8 JSM- Speeches on Women's Suffrage,
9 Germany and France,
10 Analyses of Subjection of Women,
11 JSM- Bibliography contributed to Mill Newsletter, June 1977,
12 Dixon, William Hepworth."Spiritual Wives." Westminster Review, April 1869,
13 Bostick, Theodore P. "Women's Suffrage, the Press, and the Reform Bill of 1867" and "The Press and the Launching of the Women's Suffrage Movement, 1866-1867." Victorian Periodicals Review, v.XII, Winter 1980,
14 Cobbe, Francis Power. "JSM on the Subjection of Women." Theological Review, 1869. Taylor, Henry. "Mr. Mill on the Subjection of Women." Fraser's Magazine, 1870,
15 Kornberg, Jacques. "Feminism and the Liberal Dialect: J.S.M. on Women's Rights." Canadian Historical Association, Historical Papers... 1947,
16 Whyte, Melvielle George. " Strong-Minded Women." Fraser's Magazine, v.68, Nov. 1863,
17 Menzies, Sutherland. "Political Women."
18 "Women and the Origins of the Liberalism."MAC: Political Studies, v.XXVII, June 1979,
19 On the Reception of Mary Wollstonecraft's..,
20 Priscilla Bell Wakefield Reflections..,
21 Mary Hays
22 Women's Education..,
23 Olcott- Women's Trade Union Movement, London 1874-1914,
24 JSM's and Gaskell's Opinions, from English Woman's Journal,
25 Thackeray and Babbage,
26 JSM- Maurice Cranston,
27 J.S.Mill and the Working-Out of Empiricism- John Herman Randall, Jr,
28 Poem about Dr. Johnfon,
29 [Lady Dilke]- Finished copies,
30 McCarthy, John."The Yelverton Case: Civil Legislation and Marriage." Victorian Studies, v.XIV, No.3, March 1971,
31 Tristan, Flora- Promenades Dans Londres,
32 Flora Tristan
15 Index Cards
16 Index Cards
17 Index Cards
18 Index Cards
19 Index Cards
20 Index Cards
21 Index Cards
22 Index Cards
Box Folder
23 1 Feminism
2 Reform
3 Women's Disabilities Bill,
4 Women's Suffrage,
5 Bibliography (one page),
6 Women, 1868,
7 Unidentified
8 Research,
9 Miscellaneous
10 Translation,
24 Index Cards,
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