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Creator Federal Theatre Project (U.S.)
Title Federal Theatre Project personal papers
Dates: 1926-1993, bulk 1936-1939
Physical Characteristics 15.0 linear feet (29 boxes)
Abstract This collection brings together over 90 individual donations of Federal Theatre Project material. The material in this collection consists of employment papers, correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, playscripts, programs, fliers, and production notebooks.
Collection Number C0227
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Historical Information

The Federal Theatre Project was a division of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which provided employment for large numbers of artists, writers, and performers during the Great Depression (1929-1939). The Federal Theatre Project began in 1935 and, until its end in 1939, flourished as the first and only federally sponsored and subsidized theater program in the United States. Directed by Hallie Flanagan (1880-1969), it was a way for theatrical professionals to gain employment during the Depression. Individuals worked with the Federal Theatre Project in a number of capacities, including stage managers, directors, actors and actresses, puppeteers, conductors, dancers, set and costume designers, composers, and authors.

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Scope and Content

This collection brings together over 90 individual donations of Federal Theatre Project material. The material in this collection consists of employment papers, correspondence, scrapbooks, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, playscripts, programs, fliers, and production notebooks from people who worked in a multitude of capacities with the Federal Theatre in locations around the United States.

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There are no restrictions on personal use. Permission to publish material from the The Federal Theatre Project personal papers must be obtained from the Special Collections Research Center, George Mason University Libraries.

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The Works Progress Administration oral histories collection, the Federal Theatre Project collection, the Federal Theatre Project photograph collection, as well as other personal papers.

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Federal Theatre Project (U.S.)


New Deal, 1933-1939.
Performing arts.
Puppet theater.
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Theater--United States.

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The Federal Theatre Project personal papers, C0227, Special Collections and Archives, George Mason University.

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Multiple donations to the Federal Theatre Project Research Center by those named in this finding aid between 1975 and the early 1990s.

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Contents List

Federal Theatre Project personal papers, 1926-1991
MC 4 Abramson, Doris, 1936-1938
Set designs by Frederick Stover for Los Angeles productions of The Warrior's Husband, Chalk Dust, and Days Without End.
Box Folder
1 1 Abramson, Doris, circa 1930s-1949
Newspaper articles from fake newspapers distributed in theaters in the 1930s - The Morning-Evening and chicago Star-Gazette. One article from The Springfield Union, November 8, 1949, "'Street Scene' inaugurated American Series at Smith".
2 Abramson, Doris, undated; 1983
Correspondence between Lorraine Brown and Doris Abramson with accompanying unidentified production photograph.
3 Abramson, Doris, 1970s
Correspondence between Abramson and Theodore Browne.
4 Anderson, Tommy, February - September 1938
Radio scripts: The F.M.P. Negro Melody Singers, The Negro Melody Singers, Negro Art Singers, Symphony no. 5 in E minor, opus 64, page 2 from The Story of Swing.
5 Arent, Arthur, undated
Photocopy of It's Up to You playscript
6 Baird, Bil, undated
Article Puppets and Marionettes from unknown publication.
7 Barnouw, Erik, undated
Article Take it away, Hollywood: transcript of the memorable coast-to-coast broadcast for WPA on Monday midnight, June 26 [1939] from unkown publication.
Box Folder
10 1 Blake, Eubie, November 1937
Photocopy of original music "Ain't We Got Love" from Swing It.
2 Blake, Eubie, November 1937
Photocopy of original music "By the Sweat of Your Brow" from Swing It.
3 Blake, Eubie, November 1937
Photocopy of original music "Green and Blue" from Swing It.
4 Blake, Eubie, November 1937
Photocopy of original music "Huggin' and Muggin'" from Swing It.
Box Folder
1 8 Bolton, Harold, April 23-30, 1937
Translation of review of Professor Mamlock in the Morning Journal; letter from an audience survey of Professor Mamlock.
9 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, circa 1930s
The Dog Beneath the Skin director's copy playscript.
Box Folder
15 1 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, circa 1936-1939
Medicine Show costume design original sketches (1 of 3),
2 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, circa 1936-1939
Medicine Show costume design original sketches (2 of 3),
3 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, circa 1936-1939
Medicine Show costume design original sketches (3 of 3),
Box Folder
1 10 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, circa 1930s
Medicine Show handwritten notes and drawings.
Box Folder
10 5 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, 1937
Costume designs for Miles Gloriousus.
6 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, 1937
Costume designs for One-Third of a Nation.
Box Folder
1 11 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, 1937-1938
One-Third of a Nation newspaper articles, costume design notes and lists.
Box Folder
10 6 Bolton, Rhoda Rammelkamp, circa 1936-1939
Unidentified costume designs.
Box Folder
1 12 Bromley, Robert, June 9, 1936
2 programs for Abu Hassan and The Princess and the Pea.
13 Bromley, Robert, circa 1931-1945
Multiple articles and newspaper clippings on puppet and marionette productions.
14 Bromley, Robert, 1933-1948
Non Federal Theatre Project play programs, many of which are marionette productions.
15 Bromley, Robert, undated
Scrapbook pages with articles about puppets and marionettes.
16 Bromley, Robert, undated
Captain Kidd playscript.
17 Burman, Harold, July 29, 1938
Playscript and newspaper article for One-Third of a Nation Philadelphia version.
Box Folder
2 1 Burries-Meyer, Harold, 1935-1938
Federal Theatre Project press scrapbook containing primarily newspaper and press clippings, programs, and a form letter to Harry Hopkins in regards to the firing of Elmer Rice.
2 Buttitta, Tony, July 26, 1977
Letter to Tony Buttitta from Eva Le Gallienne with accompanying photograph of Hallie Flanagan.
3 Chavkin, Samuel, circa 1930s
Photocopy of publicity pages for a production of Trojan Incident at St. James Theatre.
4 Cheney, Sheldon, 1936-1939
Photocopies of: program notes for The Dance of Death, newspaper articles on the Federal Theatre Project, correspondence.
5 Cohen, Elizabeth Elson, circa 1935-1939
Program for the marionette play Crock of Gold.
6 Cohen, Elizabeth Elson, 1936-1937
Newspaper clippings featuring the plays The Farmer's Wife, It Can't Happen Here, and Chalk Dust. One book review titled Theater: New York and Moscow.
7 Cohen, Gail, 1935-1936
Photocopies of miscellaneous newspaper clippings including a 1935 Philadelphia Inquirer article about Helen Schoeni, assistant regional director of the WPA theatrical projects and an article form a 1935 Boston Transcript about the Hedgerow Theatre.
8 Cook, Alan, 1937
Puppet teaching materials.
3 Cook, Alan, 1930s
Clown marionette donated by Alan Cook, made by Lora Pattison who taught puppetry under the WPA Recreation Project at Oneonta Grammer School, South Pasadena, california. Mrs. Pattison received her puppet training in the Pasadena WPA Recreation Project.
Box Folder
2 9 Courlander, Harold, circa 1935-1939
Photocopies of correspondence, newspaper articles, play programs, and plays written by Courlander.
Box Folder
10 7 Clugston, Katherine, March 13, 1937
8 Clugston, Katherine, 1954
Unpublished manuscript by Clugston titled Very Like a Whale (1 of 4).
9 Clugston, Katherine, 1954
Unpublished manuscript by Clugston titled Very Like a Whale (2 of 4).
10 Clugston, Katherine, 1954
Unpublished manuscript by Clugston titled Very Like a Whale (3 of 4).
11 Clugston, Katherine, 1954
Unpublished manuscript by Clugston titled Very Like a Whale (4 of 4).
Box Folder
2 10 Daly, Frank, 1938
Hand drawn set design for Playboy of the Western World.
11 Danzig, Frank, circa 1936-1939
Employee's identification card; notice of termination of employment.
12 Danzig, Frank, April 24, 1939
Scrapbook page with newspaper clippings.
13 Davis, Jed H., 1952-1955
Correspondence between Jed Davis and Hallie Flanagan and correspondence between the Library of congress and Davis on researching the Federal Theatre collection.
14 Del Bourgo, Fanya Geltman, circa 1935-1939
3 programs for The Dance Theatre, A Dance Program for Young Folk, A Doris Humphrey-charles Weidman Dance Program.
15 Dunn, Tom, circa 1929
Photocopy of the play Abraham's Bosom by Paul Green.
16 Ebsen, Nancy, circa 1930s
Photocopies of Peter Goes to the Fair playscript, newspaper reviews, program, and production notes.
17 Eldridge, Elaine, May 20, 1936
Programs for The Dance of Death and Pinocchio. Newspaper article on broken scrapbook backing featuring The Dance of Death.
18 Elliott, Michele, 1936-1938
Programs for Chalk Dust, cricket on the Hearth, The Devil Passes, Rip Van Winkle, The Sun and I, Prologue to Glory, The Life of Abraham Lincoln, It can't Happen Here, Nude with Pineapple, Marionette Vaudeville, The Emperor Jones, Alice in Wonderland, Battle Hymn. Mailed flier for Squaring the circle. Newspaper clippings.
19 Elliott, Michele, undated
The Witch of Guinness crag by Michele Elliott.
20 Engel, Nora (Walden), circa 1936-1939
Color play announcement pamphlet featuring Prologue to Glory, Haiti, On the Rocks, and One-Third of a Nation.
21 Ewing, Kay, 1937-1938
Photocopies. Contents include Director's letter series 2 number 2, memorandum, Little Black Sambo script excerpt and program, Holy Night newspaper clipping and production notes, Rip Van Winkle program.
22 Farran, Don, 1937
Playscript of Dirt a living newspaper.
23 Farran, Don, 1941-1942
Eloise Moore dance file. contents include newspaper clippings featuring play and dance reviews, texts used for dance productions, article chicago Dance Notes.
24 Farran, Don, 1941-1945
Eloise Moore dance file. Programs.
Box Folder
10 12 Farran, Don, 1938
I Told Santa Claus to Bring Me You sheet music.
Box Folder
4 1 Fishel, H. L., September 18, 1936
Playscript of It Can't Happen Here with handwritten note on title page by Sinclair Lewis.
Box Folder
10 13 Flanagan, Hallie, 1931
Can You Hear Their Voices? correspondence and scripts, Vassar Experimental Theatre.
Box Folder
11 1 Flanagan, Hallie, circa 1920s-1930s
Ladies Are Made script.
2 Flanagan, Hallie, 1930-1937
Programs, flyers, and two photographs from the Vassar college Experimental Theatre.
3 Forbes, Leon, 1936
First Legion production bulletin.
4 Forbes, Leon, April 28, 1938
Prologue to Glory research file.
16 Forbes, Leon, 1936-1939
Scrapbook containing photographs, newspaper clippings, and programs. Photographs include portraits (some of which are signed), production photographs, and cast group portraits. Much material relates to productions at the Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco. Shows represented include Prologue to Glory, The Sun and I, Spirochete, Power, It Can't Happen Here, and The Taming of the Shrew.
MC 4 France, Richard (from Paul Myers), circa 1936
Oversize. Blueprint for the preliminary elevation and ground plan castle scene of Macbeth, designed by Nat Karson.
Box Folder
4 2 France, Richard (from Edna Thomas), circa 1935-1939
Photocopies of actors notes and cues for Macbeth.
3 Friends of the Library, circa 1932-1938
Bryn Mawr Summer School songs.
4 Galea, Manuel, 1938-1939
Federal Theatre Project official documents transferring rights of works.
5 Galea, Manuel, circa 1935-1939
Program for A Festival of American Dance, 12 photographs by Ralph Samuels of American Holidays dance production.
Oversize Folder
17 1 Galea, Manuel, January 1937
Revue of Reviews sheet music.
Box Folder
11 5 Gerwing, George, November 24, 1938
Bird of Paradise program.
6 Gerwing, George, 1934-1938
Correspondence, memoranda, Federal Theatre Project in San Francisco survey.
7 Gerwing, George, 1937-1938
Newspaper clippings.
8 Gerwing, George, circa 1930s
Photograph of Hallie Flanagan signed to Gerwing.
9 Gerwing, George, 1936-1938
Publications including issues of Federal Theatre, The Prompter, Variety, and The Federal Theatre Show Parade.
18 Gerwing, George, 1937
Scrapbook titled "curtains up on Region of the West." contains painted costume and set designs, photographs depicting staged productions, civilian conservation corps camps, miniature theatre models. There is also one painted over photograph.
Box Folder
4 6 Gilder, Rosamund, 1936
Photocopies of correspondence between Gilder and Hallie Flanagan.
7 Gilman, Harold and Ida, 1934-1940
Photocopies of newspaper clippings, program material for a production of Faust, program for Page-Stone Ballet, program for Graff Ballet.
8 Glyer, Richard, 1937-1939
Newspaper clippings featuring Spirochete, Taming of the Shrew, and Ready, Aim, Fire?. Photocopy of newspaper clipping featuring the Los Angeles Federal Theatre Project. Notice of reinstatment for terminated employees to continue on the payroll until September 30, 1939.
Grayson, Philip, circa 1936-1939
Stage brace believed to be from the Federal Theatre Project.
Box Folder
11 10 Griffin, William Scott, 1930s
Federal Theatre employment papers, birthday card, newspaper clipping.
11 Griffin, William Scott, undated
King Henry the Fifth prologue, poem titled A Nightmare, exercises for speech, speech drills.
12 Griffin, William Scott, circa 1930s
Peer Gynt script.
13 Griffin, William Scott, 1936-1945
Photographs from oversize "The Spiral" scrapbook.
14 Griffin, William Scott, 1936-1939
Loose material removed from "The Spiral" scrapbook. Newspaper clippings, invitation to "The Mask and the Face," program for "Smilin' Through."
15 Griffin, William Scott, 1937
Scrapbook on the Miami Federal Players (1 of 2). Newspaper clippings and programs.
Box Folder
12 1 Griffin, William Scott, 1936-1938
Scrapbook on the Miami Federal Players (2 of 2). Newspaper clippings and programs about the Miami Federal Players, also programs for cloyd Head's Miami Players, Shawn and his men dancers, Temple Theatre, and a script titled "Blocks" by Molly Day Thatcher.
2 Griffin, William Scott, 1936-1938
Scrapbook with a brown cover (1 of 2). Portrait and production photographs include Dorothea Thomas Lynch, and Scott Griffin, programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, some pertaining to Molka Reich and marionettes.
3 Griffin, William Scott, 1934-1936
Scrapbook with a brown cover (2 of 2). Programs, newspaper clippings relating to the Miami Federal Theatre. Photographs of marionette productions, material relating to Molka Reich.
19 Griffin, William Scott, 1934-1937
Brown scrapbook covers; "The Spiral" scrapbook which contains Federal Theatre Project newspaper clippings, telegrams, and programs related to the Miami Federal Players. There is also a program for the Erlanger Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia for a production of The Barretts of Wimpole Street.
Box Folder
4 9 Gupta, Robin, 1936
Copies of 3 articles from the Saturday Evening Post about the Federal Theatre Project.
20 Hagan, R. Lyle, 1931-1942
Scrapbook with writing inside the front cover: "Federal Theatre of the Midwest year 1939. Prologue to Glory production - 75 performances. R. Lyle Hagan as 'Abe' Lincoln." Includes newspaper and magazine clippings including a newspaper from 1931 and a New Yorker from 1942, programs, and photographs. The photographs include signed headshots, actors at work, and outside of work.
Box Folder
4 10 Harms, carl, 1934-1990s
Contains: one photograph of a muppet created by Bil Bairds walking in a parade from the 1990s; photographs from productions at the Great Northern Theatre in July 1938 that include Kurt Graff, Ruth Page, Carl Harms and others; programs; magazine articles; notice of assignment for Carl Harms.
11 Harms, Carl, 1935-1991
Newspaper clippings.
12 Harris, Julian, 1937
Programs for Atlanta productions of The Drunkard, Altars of Steel, Mary the Third, The Torch Bearers, Excursion, Boy Meets Girl, Around the corner, The Devil's Disciple, By Candlelight.
13 Harris, Julian, 1937-1938
Flyers and newspaper clippings about Federal Theatre productions in Atlanta, program for Faust, photocopy of photograph of Julian Harris, documents include a proposed working agreement between Atlanta Theatre Guild and the Atlanta Federal Theatre, and notice of termination of employment.
14 Hatch, James V., January 1938
Miniature theatre models constructed by Research Bureau Regional Service Department Federal Theater Project Region of the West booklet.
14 Haufrecht, Herbert, 1938-1984
The Story of Ferdinand and String Fever program, photocopies of newspaper clippings on The Story of Ferdinand and String Fever performances from the 1940s to the 1980s.
16 Hauser, Ethel Aaron, January 1937
Power playscript.
17 Hauser, Ethel Aaron, January 17, 1938
One-Third of a Nation living newspaper program.
18 Hauser, Ethel Aaron, 1936-1938
Program for The Dance of Death; Murder in the Federal Theatre! Published by the Federal Theatre Project Supervisors' council; Promotional material for Injunction Granted! and One-Third of a Nation; Memorandum from T. A. Mauntz to Ethel Aaron.
21 Hermanson, Hjalmar, 1936
Scenic and set designs, by Hjalmar Hermanson for the plays Ethiopia, Triple-A Plowed Under, and 1935. Designs are mounted onto storyboards that measure 15 inches high by 20 inches wide. There are four for Ethiopia, Five for Triple-A Plowed Under, and five for 1935.
Oversize Folder
22 1 Hermanson, Hjalmar, 1936
Triple-A Plowed Under photographs.
2 Hermanson, Hjalmar, 1936
1935 photographs.
Box Folder
4 19 King, Woody (from Mrs. Rudolph Fisher), 1936-1939
The Conjure Man Dies playscript.
Box Folder
5 1 King, Woody (from Mrs. Rudolph Fisher), 1936-1939
The Conjure Man Dies playscript.
2 King, Woody (from Mrs. Rudolph Fisher), 1936-1939
The Conjure Man Dies playscript.
3 Koch, Howard, May 16, 1937
Program for The Lonely Man.
4 Krasney, Myron, 1930s-1940s
Photographs of puppet performance in Philadelphia as well as performances of One-Third of a Nation and the Federal Theatre Dance Project.
5 Lane, Esther Porter, 1937-1989
Scrapbook pages removed from scrapbook containing mostly newspaper clippings and programs relating to Seattle productions.
6 Lane, Esther Porter, circa 1936-1939
Programs, photographs, artwork from Seattle Federal Theatre Project productions including Is Zat So, Brer Rabbit, Black Empire, Flight, One-Third of a Nation, Mother Goose.
7 Lane, Esther Porter, 1936-1940
Programs for The Emperor's New clothes, Native Ground, Seattle children's Theatre, Medicine Show, Love in Humble Life, Julius caesar, The Path of Flowers, Sweet Land, The Straw, The Show-Off, The Pursuit of Happiness, Professor Mamlock, Haiti, The Mikado.
8 Lane, Esther Porter, 1935-1938
Contains: Employee identification card, telegrams, letters regarding employment, recommendation letters; flyers, announcements, newspaper clippings about Seattle productions.
9 Lane, Esther Porter, circa 1936-1939
Two photographs possibly of Injunction Granted.
10 Lane, Esther Porter, circa 1930s
Script for Mother Goose and Us (children's play).
11 Larsen, Agnete Johansen, 1936
Photocopies of newspaper clippings and a letter.
12 Laub, Lili Mann, 1934-1947
Photocopies of newspaper clippings and programs.
13 Lavery, Emmet, 1940
Photocopy of unpublished material by Lavery that was planned as a chapter in The Flexible Stage. A copy of The Flexible Stage is found in the Federal Theatre Project collection box 154 folders 8 and 9.
14 Lehac, Ned, circa 1930s
Photocopy of script for Papa's Got a Job; script for Pop's a cop in Jersey city; photocopy of opening scene of Sing For Your Supper.
15 Lehac, Ned, 1939
Sing For Your Supper production notebook.
Box Folder
12 4 Lehac, Ned, 1939
Sing For Your Supper sheet music - Imagine My Finding You Here.
5 Lehac, Ned, 1939
Sing For Your Supper sheet music - Papa's Got a Job.
6 Leve, Samuel, June 2, 1936
Cherokee Nights set sketches for performance at the Provincetown Playhouse.
28 Leve, Samuel, 1936
Cherokee Nights set model. It is made out of paper, wood, and clay and measures approximately 12 inches by 9 1/5 inches by 11 1/2 inches. The set consists of a box painted black with the top and one side exposed. There are two pieces of string that criss cross the top part of the box. The set itself has four moveable parts, two of which look like rock piles, one looks like a doorway that comes out of a rock pile, and the last piece is a wooden fence. The background consists of three pieces of paper that are painted blue.
29 Leve, Samuel, October 6, 1944
Hand in Glove set model. Made out of wood and paper. The model consists of two main parts that swivel 360 degrees to provide two different sets. One is of the back of a house, the other is inside the house. The walls of the house has pencil drawings on it. The model measures 13.5 inches long by 8 inches high by 10 1/4 inches wide. Two stamps are present on the front of the model. Both are for the United Scenic Artists Local 829. Handwritten on the front is "For Arthur Edison, Hand in Glove, by c.K. Freeman & G. Savory Scale 1/4" = 1', 10-6-44, S. Leve."
26 Leve, Samuel, circa 1936-1939
Set model for unknown production, approximately 7 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches high. Made out of wood, paper, and clay, the set features a hill with trees and two walls with part of a grass hut roof. There are pencil sketches on the walls of the hut.
27 Leve, Samuel, 1951
Set model for the play Dinosaur Wharf produced at the National Theatre in 1951. Set is made out of wood and paper, and measures 13 inches by 7 3/8 inches by 8 1/4 inches. The set consists of a wharf with a small building on the left hand side. In the background is a hand drawn cityscape. The model is encased in glass. A label on the model states: "'Dinosaur Wharf,' at the National Theatre. Presented by Terese Hayden. Written by Joel Wyman. Directed by Miss Hayden. Setting designed by Samuel Leve."
Box Folder
5 16 Levin, Bertha Greenberg, 1936; 1981
Scrapbook containing Milwaukee newspaper clippings about the Federal Theatre Project. Most clippings are from May to October 1936.
Box Folder
6 1 Lewis, Elaine, 1931-1939
Can You Hear Their Voices? By Hallie Flanagan and Margaret Ellen clifford for Vassar Experimental Theatre plays; Program for Can You Hear Their Voices?; encyclopedia entry on Federal Theatre; What was Federal Theatre? pamphlet by Hallie Flanagan.
2 Litvinoff, Valentina, undated
2 Photocopies of images of dancers.
9 Longwood college, circa 1935-1939
Federal Theatre Project costume that includes a green velvet vest and pants.
23 Lovelace, 1930s
Tomato marionette.
Box Folder
6 3 Mahlmann, Lewis, 1937
Oakland Recreation Department marionette report (in scrapbook form) includes report, photographs, scripts.
4 Mahlmann, Lewis, circa 1935-1939
Puppet teaching - all cloth puppets manual for the city of New York Education and Recreation Department.
5 Manisoff, Manuel, 1937-1939
Newspaper clippings. Programs: Prelude to Swing, Spirochete, Unto Such Glory / Hymn to the Rising Sun.
6 Manisoff, Manuel, 1937-1939
Photographs of the production Unto Such Glory; photograph of Blanding Sloan, George Gerwing, Hallie Flanagan, and Herbert Humphreys at the first Sponsors' meeting in Philadelphia; photograph of crowd outside theatre in Philadelphia, cast of Spirochete; postcard from Katherine Cale.
7 Manisoff, Manuel, 1939
Production bulletin for Philadelphia production of Spirochete includes set and costume design, newspaper clippings, programs.
8 Manisoff, Manuel, circa 1937 - 1939
Federal Theatre magazine - First Federal Summer Theatre A Report; Two documents: General outline for statement of the plan; Planning committee on Field Problems, resolutions.
9 Marshall, E. G., October 3, 1938
Photocopy of review of Big Blow from the New York Times.
10 McLean, Scott, 1926-1937
Photocopies of programs from productions performed in Jacksonville, Florida : Carrier-Jamboree; Aida; Criminal at Large; A Doll's House; Dulcy; Escape; Fly Away Home; The Girl of the Golden West; Hay Fever and Anne Pedersdotter; Lightnin'; The Ninth Guest; One Sunday Afternoon; The Pizen Song; R-U-R; Remember the Day; The Rise of Silas Lapham; Saturday's children; She Stoops to conquer (original and photocopy); Smilin' Through; Twelfth Night; Ten Nights in a Barroom; Uncle Tom's Cabin (original).
11 McLean, Scott, 1936-1939
Florida Federal Theatre report - Analysis of attendence records, with averages and recapitulations; Historical drama tour series outlines for class study - When Knighthood was in Flower; Time Magazine clipping; article - Our Theatre by Lerom, L. D.; typewritten copy of Movie stars plead for Jacksonville Federal Theatre article origanlly in the Jacksonvelle Journal; photocopies of newspaper articles.
12 McLean, Scott, circa 1936-1939
Negatives and three slides. Copies of photographs of Federal Theatre productions in Jacksonville, Florida; slides of a drawing of the Florida Federal Theatre bus.
13 Medovoy, George, 1970s
Photocopies. Correspondence between Medovoy and Federal Theatre employees; radio talk titled Yiddish Theatre in the california WPA; photographs of scenes and sets from Yiddish Federal Theatre productions.
14 Meredith, Betty, 1936
Photocopies of a review and publicity about the Federal Theatre in California, and the Experimental Theatre.
Box Folder
12 7 Mesa, Fernando, circa 1937-1938
Androcles and the Lion playscript.
8 Mesa, Fernando, January 14, 1939
The Dragon's Wishbone playscript.
9 Mesa, Fernando, 1991
Letter to Lorraine Brown and newspaper clippings.
10 Mesa, Fernando, 1936-1940
Loose materials removed from scrapbook pages. Includes: Newspaper clippings, programs, Federal Theatre project research on plays, memoranda and correspondence.
11 Mesa, Fernando, 1939
Sleeping Beauty playscript.
12 Mesa, Fernando, 1939
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs script, Syl file.
13 Mesa, Fernando, 1930s
Syl (Art Director of the FTP) file on the play Coppelia, includes hand drawn set designs and typed production notes.
14 Mesa, Fernando, 1939
Syl (Art Director of the FTP) file includes memoranda, handwritten notes, set and stage designs.
24 Mesa, Fernando, 1936-1938
Scrapbook pages containing programs, newspaper clippings, telegrams, tickets, some Federal Theatre correspondence, and three pasted in artifacts - doll clothing created by the WPA Sewing colored Unit and a doll size artists palette. Much of the material is from the centro Asturiano Theatre, or relates to Tampa, Florida productions. Some Spanish language material.
Box Folder
6 15 Morcom, James, circa 1936-1939
Program and newspaper review for production of Jefferson Davis; Morcom identification work card.
16 Murray, Donald, 1936-1939
Photocopies of correspondence between Murray, Hallie Flanagan, and E. Woodward regarding J. Howard Miller.
17 Nadel, Sue Remos, 1936-1938
Photocopies of newspaper articles and programs about the WPA dance unit productions and strikes.
Box Folder
12 15 New York Public Library, December 8, 1936
Bassa Moona program, New York.
16 New York Public Library, June 30, 1936
The Bat program performed in Los Angeles.
17 New York Public Library, May 22, 1936
Two programs for Battle Hymn as produced in New York.
18 New York Public Library, March 2, 1939
Two programs for Big Blow performed in chicago.
19 New York Public Library, June 19, 1936
Candide program.
20 New York Public Library, March 4, 1936
Program and flyer for Chalk Dust performed in New York.
21 New York Public Library, May 15, 1936
Class of '29 program, New York production.
22 New York Public Library, January 8, 1937
Seven programs for Doctor Faustus performed in New York. One program contains an insert and an audience survey questionnaire.
Box Folder
13 1 New York Public Library, 1936-1939
Gilbert & Sullivan Opera company program.
2 New York Public Library, 1936
Help Yourself, three programs from New York.
3 New York Public Library, September 26, 1936
Horse Eats Hat program from New York.
4 New York Public Library, July 8, 1936
Laburnum Grove program from Hartford, connecticut production.
5 New York Public Library, April 10, 1939
The Mikado (swing version) two programs from New York city productions.
6 New York Public Library, March 1936
Murder in the Cathedral program from New York production.
7 New York Public Library, May 23, 1938
One-Third of a Nation, two Living Newspaper programs for productions in Seattle, Washington.
8 New York Public Library, 1936-1939
Programs including the following productions: Haiti; How Long Brethren?; It Can't Happen Here; Life and Death of an American; Macbeth; The Mikado; The Path of Flowers; Pinocchio; Processional; Prologue to Glory; Unto Such Glory.
9 New York Public Library, March 17, 1939
Sing For Your Supper, five programs from New York productions.
10 New York Public Library, January-February 1939
The Theatre Abroad volume 1 number 4.
11 New York Public Library, March-April 1939
The Theatre Abroad volume 1 number 5.
12 New York Public Library, May 1939
The Theatre Abroad volume 1 number 6.
25 Norvelle, Lee, 1936
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, programs, and photographs of actors from Federal Theatre plays produced at B. F. Keith's theatre in Indianapolis.
November 13, 1935 Dr. Lee Norvelle was appointed Director of the Indiana State Federal Theatre Project. He was granted a leave of absence from Indiana University, and moved to Indianapolis on November 18 to initiate the project. B. F. Keith's theatre was leased and served as the headquarters of the project for it's duration. The first production opened March 2, 1936. The last production closed in June 1937.
Box Folder
6 18 Page, Ruth, 1930s-1940s
Photocopies of reviews of the production Frankie and Johnny.
19 Pierson, Mrs. Eily, circa 1936-1939
Macbeth program.
20 Popewell, Les, 1930s-1944
Federal Theatre programs: Hamlet, Chalk Dust, Rip Van Winkle, Spirochete, An Evening of Short Plays by Eugene O'Neill, The Lonely Man (with multiple signatures), Burning the Mortgage, The Good Old Summertime, Triple A Plowed Under; Newspaper clipping for "That's a Laff" (1944); entries on Federal Theatre plays from a book on Theatre.
Box Folder
7 1 Rabson, carolyn, circa 1935-1939
Fool's Gold script.
2 Rabson, Carolyn, 1937
Photocopies. From Ben Russak files - press release for Treasure Hunt (The Disappointment); notes and correspondence about the adaptation of The Disappointment.
3 Rather, Lois Foster, 1937
Photocopies. Chart of San Francisco productions through June 9, 1937; organization chart; Toward a Living Theatre; first draft of Answers to Questions from Howard Miller. Foster identification cards and termination notice.
4 Rella, Ettore, circa 1930s
Please communicate playscript.
5 Rhodes, Irwin, 1937-1938; 1976
Corresondence between various Federal Theatre administrators; speech given by Rhodes on the Federal Theatre; blank personnel forms.
6 Rhodes, William / Rich, Shirley, circa 1936-1939
Three pages of Hallie Flanagan notes; Programs for One-Third of a Nation, Doctor Faustus, Swing It, Pinocchio.
7 Rodericks, George, December 23, 1935
Flat Lux playbill autographed by Rodericks.
8 San Francisco Archive for the Performing Arts, circa 1937
Photocopies of programs for Battle Hymn, and A Touch of Brimstone.
Box Folder
13 13 Saul, Oscar, circa 1937
Revolt of the Beavers published script.
17 Saul, Oscar, 1939-1940
Green scrapbook with newspaper clippings covering productions of the play Medicine Show.
Box Folder
7 9 Savage, George, 1938-1939
Promotional flier for Awake and Sing at Daly's Theatre; program for The Taming of the Shrew; flier for Summer Theatre in Seattle.
10 Savage, George, circa 1936-1939
Newspaper clippings and five photographs depicting Savage, Mrs. James, J. Howard Miller and Guy Williams, Burton James, Federal Theatre theatre.
11 Schlossberg, Alan, 1938; 1989
Newspaper clipping from 1989 about the Federal Theatre; Programs: Sunday Night Varieties; Pins and Needles; Here's Looking at You.
12 Schulman, Sol, July 24, 1936 and January 17, 1938
Injunction Granted and One-Third of a Nation living newspaper programs.
13 Schulman, Sol, 1936-1939
Programs: The Cradle Will Rock; Pinocchio; Adelante; Battle Hymn; Big Blow; Class of '29; A Doris Humphrey-charles Weidman Dance Program; The Dance of Death; Doctor Faustus; The Mikado; Life and Death of an American; It Can't Happen Here; Haiti; How Long Brethern?; On the Rocks; Prologue to Glory; Processional; The Sun and I; Run Little chillun; Buffalo Historical Marionettes; Turpentine,
14 Shaw, John Bennett, 1938
Playbill and herald for the New York production of On The Rocks.
15 Shepherd, Louise, 1938
Souvenir program for The Lost colony.
16 Shibley, Eleanor, circa 1930s
Four photographs of Eleanor Shibley in costume. These are not the original photographs.
17 Shohet, Max, undated
Paper on the Federal Theatre Project.
18 Shrewsbury, Robert, 1936-1939
Programs: Triple A Plowed Under; Power; 1935; If Ye Break Faith; Mississippi Rainbow; The Man in the Tree; High Tor; Faust; The Farmer Takes a Wife; An Enemy of the People; Outside Looking In; The Party is Over; Petrified Forest; Whom Dreams Possess.
19 Silvera, John D., April 26, 1938 and August 31, 1938
Correspondence from Silvera to Ben Russak concerning the Negro Theatre and Theodore Brown.
20 Sporn, Paul, 1937-1938
Photocopies of corresopndence and flyer regarding the Detrot Federal Theatre.
21 Stevens, Mark, June 14, 1938
A Nationwide Search for Early American Printing: A talk over station WDAF (Kansas city) by Douglas c. McMurtrie.
Box Folder
13 14 Tyler, Converse, 1937-1938
Newsclippings about the play "This Pretty World," program for a production of "And You, My Friend, Farewell."
15 Unknown donor, 1939
Awake and Sing, typed reviews and handwritten notes.
Box Folder
7 22 Unknown donor, circa 1936-1939
The Children of Salem marionette playscript.
23 Unknown donor, circa 1936-1939
Circus Days hand drawn set designs; marionette review.
24 Unknown donor, circa 1936-1939
The Disappointment playscript.
Box Folder
8 1 Unknown donor, circa 1936-1939
Miscellaneous - flyers, contest announcements, weekly program schedules. Includes: color pamphlet for upcoming productions including Eugene O'Neill's Four One Act Plays of the Sea, Processional, A Hero is Born; Buffalo historical marionettes brochure; Beaver club letter; caravan herald; contest information; covers for weekly schedules, Daly's childrens' schedule; Drama week herald; Elliott's Repertory; Federal Theatre presents brochure; Living Theatre herald for talks; marionettes in the news; Marionette Theatre brochure; new summer session of the Negro Dramatists Lab herald.
2 Unknown donor, May 1936
The Poetic Theatre program,
3 Unknown donor, circa 1936-1939
Tobias and the Angel program,
4 Unknown donor, circa 1936-1939
The Totem marionettes playscript.
5 Vaeth, Alice, April 15, 1937
Photocopy of Joseph Lentz letter to Alice Vaeth,
6 Veenstra, John, August 1942
Theatre Arts magazine: The Negro in the American Theatre.
Box Folder
13 16 Velonis, Anthony, January 1939
Brooklyn Museum print show. Printed booklet titled: Information for artists on the Brooklyn Museum Print Show.
17 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1936-1939
Native Ground painted promotional design, original artwork.
18 Velonis, Anthony, July-August 1938
Correspondence on the Federal Art Project and Velonis possible employment on a traveling art project.
19 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1936-1939
The Path of Flowers original artwork.
Oversize Folder
22 3 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1936-1939
R.U.R. original artwork for poster.
Box Folder
13 20 Velonis, Anthony, May 1947
Serigraph Quarterly volume II number 2.
Oversize Folder
22 4 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1936-1939
Sketches documenting silkscreening practices and tools.
5 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1936-1939
Pencil sketch titled "New Voices."
Box Folder
13 21 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1930s
Technique, Art and Power, handwritten three page essay.
22 Velonis, Anthony, circa 1936-1939
What is a Silkscreen Print? five page typed essay.
Box Folder
8 7 Vondersmith, Elizabeth R., circa 1936-1939
Photocopy of script for The Willow Plate - an original hand puppet play based on an old chinese legend.
8 Wagner, Irene, 1978
Script for New Living Newspaper volume 1 number 2 by Irene Wagner with Barry Levy and Richard Vitere.
Box Folder
13 24 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
American Jubilee sheet music.
25 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1993
The Forgotten Music of Triple A Plowed Under (1936), Power (1937), and One Third of a Nation (1938) by Deborah Novak, thesis.
26 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1936
Leaning on a Shovel sheet music.
27 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1936-1937; 1967
Newsclippings; Living Newspaper programs.
28 Wainer, Lee and Reta, December 2, 1936
Orchestration for scenes from unnamed play. "ARR. G.A.E. 12/2/36" written on sheet music.
29 Wainer, Lee and Reta, circa 1936-1937
Orchestration for Power, sheet music and lyrics.
30 Wainer, Lee and Reta circa 1936-1937
Power - TVA song, sheet music.
31 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1936-1938
Power newspaper clippings, Processional program, Federal Music Program composers Forum Laboratory featuring Werner Josten program, small play production photograph.
32 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1937
Power script with small scrap of sheet music.
14 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
Sing For Your Supper, lyrics and sheet music for Opening Night.
2 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
Sing For Your Supper, lyrics and sheet music for Perspiration.
3 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
Sing For Your Supper, sheet music for Sixty Families.
4 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
Sing For Your Supper, sheet music for Sixty Families.
5 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
Sing For Your Supper, published sheet music for The Story of Horn.
6 Wainer, Lee and Reta, 1939
Sing For Your Supper playscript.
7 Wainer, Lee and Reta, May 9, 1939
Sing For Your Supper playscript.
Box Folder
8 9 Wallace, Lea Samuels, 1937-1939
Federal Theatre volume 2 number 4 with drawing on cover; Programs for Trojan Incident, Adelante, Ballet caravan; Four issues of Federal Theatre Project Dance Bulletin; Administrative memorandum on vacations; House of Representatives Bill H.R. 8239; Newspaper clippings.
10 Wasserman, Dale, circa 1936-1939
Programs: Gods of the Lightning; Run, Little chillun; Days Without End.
Box Folder
14 8 Williams, Jay, January 1939
Jobless Blues lyrics and sheet music.
Box Folder
8 11 Zimmerman, Leland L., 1935-1936
Administrative correspondence; Instructions for Federal Theatre Projects; WPA supplement number 1 to bulletin 29; Washington Marionette Festival notice; Semi-monthly letter of the Federal Theatre Project.
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