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This site contains content (items and text) from physical exhibitions that are mounted in the SCRC Exhibitions Space.




John N. Warfield

Attacking Complex Problems: The Life and Work of Dr. John N. Warfield
Initially studying electrical engineering and mathematics,  Warfield later became interested in group pathologies, studying how individuals make decisions - especially those that involve a great deal of complexity,  leading  to the development of Interactive Management. Materials date from 1931 to 2009 and include manuscripts, photographs, video, and audio segments.

  George Mason University

George Mason University: A History
A collection of essays describing persons, places, organizations, and events in the history of George Mason University. The exhibit features digital objects, such as photographs, documents, audio, and video recordings from the collections of the University Libraries which help illustrate the narratives.




John W. Burton

The John W. Burton Papers contain the working papers of John W. Burton, former professor of conflict resolution at George Mason University. The collection documents Burton's work in international relations and conflict resolution from the 1940s through the 1990s, including materials pertaining to the creation of the George Mason University School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR).


Reston @ 50
Reston@50 explores the history and development of Reston, including its beginnings; planning, designing, and marketing; villages, village centers, green spaces, and schools; business and government; recreation, arts, and culture; Gulf and Mobil; transportation; and community-mindedness.


Hot Shoppes

Food For the Whole
Family: Picturing Hot

From 1927 to 1999 Hot
Shoppes, the creation of
Alice and J. Willard
Marriott, was a culinary
and social institution in the Washington D.C. area. Promising "Food for the Whole Family," Hot Shoppes was the destination for a
family’s Saturday evening
dinner, a meeting place for a business lunch, and a hang-out for hungry teenagers after a ballgame. This site features 1940s and 1950s images of Hot Shoppes people, places, and food as seen through the lens of Fairfax, Virginia-area photographer Charles Baptie and others.

  Brian Lamb

One Book. One Author. One Hour.
Airing every Sunday night at 8:00 PM during the years 1989 through 2004, C-SPAN’s "Booknotes" television program gave its viewers an insider’s look at a recent non-fiction book and its author. Brian Lamb, the network's CEO, was the program's host. The George Mason University Libraries are currently preserving and archiving books, papers, and photographs pertaining to the "Booknotes" program. This site provides access to selected items in the George Mason University Libraries’ collections pertaining to Booknotes and the C-SPAN Television Network..

Gilbert Sullivan

Oh Joy Unbounded: A Celebration of Gilbert and Sullivan  During the first half of 2017 the George Mason University Libraries, in conjuction with Mason's College of Visual and Performing Arts and collector David Stone, embarked upon a series of events, performances, and exhibits to celebrate the creative genius of Gilbert and Sullivan.
The site features elements from the David and Anabelle Stone Gilbert and Sullivan Collection. It provides access to the 241 items that were displayed in the physical exhibition of the same name in 2017.


  Jerome Zachariah Epstein, Jr

Please Send Food: A GI's War in Italy Jerome Zachariah Epstein, Jr. enlisted in the U.S. Army, August 10, 1943, and went into active service January 3, 1944. He was sent to Italy and served for seven months as a radio operator with the 110th Mountain Signal Company 10th Mountain Division located in the Northern Appennines and the Po Valley. This site features the World War II letters of Jerome Epstein, Jr.