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There are two digital repositories currently in use by SCRC. LUNA features easy access to dozens of digitized collections with multi-faceted metadata searching capabilities. MARS exists to be a stable, well-managed, permanent archive for digital scholarly and research materials of enduring value produced by Mason faculty, staff, and students. MARS also contains preservation copies of select digital textual and visual collections.
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Southwestern United States Photograph Collection
Photographs dated 1893 taken by an unidentified photographer, and which appear to document a train trip beginning in New Orleans, Louisiana and ending in Grand Junction, Colorado. These photos were originally part of a photograph scrapbook. Collection was acquired by SCRC in 2003.

  richard nixon photo

1972 Richard Nixon Campaign Photographs 
Part of the Oliver Atkins White House Photograph series, this set of photographs documents President Richard M. Nixon's 1972 Campaign. The Oliver Atkins Photograph Collection contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets dating from 1943 to 1974 detailing his work with The Saturday Evening Post and the United States government as official photographer to President Nixon.

locomotive photo

Atchison Union Depot & Railroad Company Photographs
This collection consists of five original photographs by an unknown photographer. Three of the photographs show extensive damage to the tracks, platform, and bricks at the railroad station and two of these show Dr. Dan and C. M. Rathburn, who was President of the Atchison Union Depot & Railroad Company. The other two photographs are of a non-damaged locomotive and two railroad employees.

  atkins The Oliver F. Atkins Photograph Collection
The collection documents American political and cultural history from the 1940s through the 1970s. Most of the images date from the early 1960s through the mid-1970s when Atkins worked as a photographer for the Saturday Evening Post and then later as the personal photographer to President Richard M. Nixon.
broadus bailey print

Broadus Bailey French Revolution Print Collection
Print engravings of the French Revolution by Pierre-Gabriel Berthault (1737-1831). Berthault created the engravings from drawings by Jean-Louis Prieur (1759-1795). These images begin with the Estates General meeting before the Revolution officially begins and continues through until just after King Louis XVI is executed.

  charles baptie photographs Charles Baptie Photograph Collection
Charles Baptie (1914-2000) was a photographer, printer, and publisher. As photographer and public relations agent for Capital Airlines he recorded the life of the airline for many years. While operating his own studio, Baptie provided photographs for more than fifty books and other publications
federal theatre project collection

Federal Theatre Project collection
A photographic unit was set up to document the productions and ensure a graphic record of the FTP. The photographers who made up the unit worked in every major city and on each major production. In addition to the actual theater productions, project photographers captured the rehearsals, the audience, the behind the scenes work of the stage crew, and the equipment used to produce the plays.

  federal theater project materials The Federal Theatre Project Materials Collection
Contains 35mm slides taken from original posters. These images are of the original designs used on posters to advertise FTP plays in many different American cities from 1935 to 1939. Contains electronic versions of each of these images indexed by title, author, subject, theater, place, date, and related names.
mary elsie fox collection

Mary Elsie Fox Photograph Collection
This collection contains 423 photographs and one document from the discarded scrapbook of Mary Elsie Fox found after her death. The photographs are mostly 3x4" snapshots of Fox and her close friends and document domestic life in the 1940s Washington, D.C. area.

  krug hall George Mason University 40th Anniversary Exhibition
Archival materials from: Simplicity, Permanence, and Economy: The Origins of George Mason University's Fairfax Campus, an exhibition by George Mason University Libraries done in Fall 2004. Materials document the planning, construction, and dedication of the Fairfax Campus during the years 1957-1964.
george mason university flickr GMU Archives' Photostream on Flickr
A selection of images from the George Mason University Photograph Collection, which contains color and black and white photographs, including prints, contact sheets, and negatives, taken between the 1950s and the early 2000s. The collection includes images of student life, campus architecture and construction, campus events, faculty and staff, performances, and art.
  george mason facilities planning George Mason University Facilities Planning Documents (1960-2007)
George Mason University has been expanding for over fifty Years. The documents in this collection come from both physical and born-digital collections of the George Mason University Facilities Planning Department, many of which are held in the Special Collections Research Center, University Libraries.
george mason yearbooks

George Mason University Yearbook Collection
This collection contains George Mason University yearbooks. Each yearbook contains information about a single academic year at the GMU Fairfax campus. The date listed for the yearbooks is the date they were published following the spring semester but the yearbooks themselves document the previous fall semester.

  george mason video yearbooks

GMView: George Mason University Video Yearbooks
As publication of the George Mason University Yearbook ceased in 1988, GM View: The George Mason Video Yearbook was born. GM View has been in continuous publication since 1989. Though each year's production is different, they all have maintained the same basic format: a length of about 30 minutes,  coverage of university sports, and greek and campus events (such as Mason and Patriots' Day, International Week celebrations, graduations, etc)

Food For the Whole
Family: Picturing Hot

From 1927 to 1999 Hot
Shoppes, the creation of
Alice and J. Willard
Marriott, was a culinary
and social institution in the
Washington D.C. area. 
Promising "Food for the
Whole Family," Hot Shoppes
was the destination for a
family’s Saturday evening
dinner, a meeting place for
a business lunch, and a
hangout for hungry teenagers after a ballgame. This site features 1940s and 1950s images of Hot Shoppes people, places, and food as seen through the lens of Fairfax, Virginia-area photographer Charles Baptie and others.

  japanese invasion of manchuria images Japanese Invasion of Manchuria Collection
The Japanese invasion of Manchuria photograph collection consists of 99 lantern slides and 4 glass negatives. The majority of the slides show images of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1932, but many also show images of conflict from earlier periods possibly including the Chinese revolution of 1911 and the reign of the Manchurian warlord Zhang Zuolin. Several of the slides are maps dated to 1933.
madness at mason

Madness @ Mason: Documenting a Dream Season
An electronic archive of artifacts, printed materials, and other items which document the George Mason University Men's Basketball Team's 2005-2006 season and NCAA Tournament Run.

  C. Harrison Mann, Jr. Digitized Map Collection
The C. Harrison Mann Jr, Map Collection comprises ninety-six maps and eighteen rare atlases ranging from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries and is housed in the Special Collections Research Center. Though the majority of the maps Mann collected are of Virginia, there are many pertaining to other parts of the United States and the world in the collection
manscript music Manuscripts
This collection contains digitized manuscripts from various collections of the Special Collections Research Center. One such item is "Solos Violoncello", another is the "Mason Family Account Book".
  elizabeth fairfax cookbook Manuscript Book of Culinary and Medicinal Receipts, in Several Hands, Inscribed at Front "Elizabeth Fairfax Hir Book 1694"
A cookbook belonging to Elizabeth Fairfax and date 1694. Features forty-nine manuscript pages of recipes for Seventeenth Century dishes.
midewest architecture photos Midwest Commercial architecture Photograph Collection
Thirty-two photographs depicting commercial buildings in rural northwestern Ohio and Pennsylvania with recently installed Central Union Telephone Company phones. The Central Union Telephone Company brought local and long distance calling to commercial buildings and advertised the new service with signage. Signs for Central Union can be seen in twenty-seven of the photographs.
  The William Nicoson Newspaper Columns
Part of a larger collection of materials donated by William Nicoson to the University Libraries. His collection, in turn, is part of the Planned Community Archives, which includes voluminous materials on Reston, Virginia. Access to information about these collections is available from Planned Community Archives and William Nicoson Papers.
photo The Planned Community Archives: Catherine A. Baum Digital Collection
A core collection of materials drawn from the George Mason University Libraries’ Planned Community Archives (PCA) Collection, which features manuscripts, photographs, posters, blueprints, artifacts, and other items of interest relating to the planned community or new town movement in general and Reston, Virginia in particular.
  Planned Community Archives Collection
The collection consists of a variety of materials relating to planned communities across the United States with a particular emphasis on the planned community of Reston, Virginia and international communities as well. The collection includes correspondence, reports, promotional material, community brochures, newspapers, videos, slides, photographs and architectural drawings and blueprints.
reston Reston: Planned Community Archives
Documents the development of Reston through images, textual materials, maps, sketches, and other archival materials. Focuses on people, themes, and organizations key to Reston's history as a planned community. Areas covered in this collection are housing, health care, education, public services, parks, recreation, population, and Lake Anne (the first housing group).
  arthur scott photographs Arthur E. Scott Photograph Collection
Collection contains photographs taken by Arthur E. Scott, a photojournalist and photo-historian for the U.S. Senate. Arthur E. Scott, widely known as "Scotty" on Capitol Hill, first covered the United States Congress in 1935 as a photographer for the Washington Times. Later, he worked for International News Service and United Press International.  This collection reflects the entire forty-years of Scott's association with Congress.
Barnes Sesquicentennial Civil War Documents Project
Conceived to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War, this project features select documents from three of the Special Collections Research Center collections: The Milton Barnes Papers, 1853-1891, The Alexander Haight Family Collection, 1764-1967, and The Northern Virginia Civil War Images Collection, 1853-1914.
  thompson scrpbooks President Lorin A. Thompson Scrapbooks
Dr. Thompson served first as Chancellor (1966-1972) of George Mason College of the University of Virginia and then President of George Mason University (1972-1973). Two scrapbooks compiled by Thompson contain newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, invitations and other documents, and ephemora.
The Virginia Civil War Archive
Includes illustrations produced for the Harper's Weekly during 1861-1865 and which relate specifically to the Commonwealth of Virginia's involvment in the Civil War. 100 images have been scanned for research and study by students and scholars. The images reflect the unfolding events and drama of the war as well as the superb artistry of the Weekly's many artists.
  john warfield photo The John N. Warfield Digital Collection
A collection of selected materials from the John N. Warfield Collection. Warfield began his intellectual career studying electrical engineering and mathematics. This led him to work with early computer prototypes. Warfield later became interested in studying group pathologies. Materials in this collection date from 1951 to 2007 and include manuscripts, photographs, video, and audio segments.